Join the #Simpleplay Challenge

January 11, 2014 18 By admin

I was supposed to post about this a week back, I had it all thought out but then I went ahead and goofed up! I forgot. Yeo, I did! And then got reminded while seeing some posts on Instagram (follow me there) on 6th!Β 

Today was my Sonography to check on the growth of our babe and she is kicking me out a lot (lol) and is (by God’s grace) growing well πŸ™‚ And because after my recent fall (I fell on my bum!) this is just the best-est news ever, I am going to forgive myself and go on join in the fun!

So, here are the pictures of the days we did do #simpleplay.

Water play is Β Aarya’s absolute favorite thing! He is a water baby, really! Adding some bubbles, ALWAYS perks him up πŸ™‚

Jan 6th – Water play

We used water colors on this day. First off I decided we could do this art project; but after the paint dried, the tape peeled off with the paper as well, the end – product was really a LOT of torn paper. Well next time some other tape – I guess! But I did find out that I totally do not recommend this set from Camel (watercolors) set – not good for 3-4 years age group. Slightly larger chunks of water color circles Β are required for my little man here.

Jan 8th – Paint

Yep, that’s all I got on my camera! We do a LOT of glue anyway, but I do hope to do the days I missed plus follow along from Monday.
Would you like to join, here is the planning chart if you are interested?