Kid Konnection: A Winter Solstice Celebration by DiDi LeMay

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A Winter Solstice Celebration: An Environmental Story
by DiDi LeMay (Illustrated by Jacquie Campbell)
56 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication Date: September 2008


An angry squirrel, a gentle crow, and an intimidating owl are just some of the interesting characters Miya meets in the forest. The animals are concerned about the environmental impact the humans have on their forest. It’s up to Miya to deliver this message to the villagers.

But can she be convincing enough?

While reading this beautifully illustrated story, children will be silently rooting for Miya as she tries to support her new animal friends. They will be so captivated by Miya’s adventures, young readers will not realize they are learning lessons in helping others, standing up for their beliefs, conquering their fears, and caring for the environment.

A Winter Solstice Celebration takes young readers deep into the forest, where they discover how seemingly harmless human activities can wreak havoc on the natural world.

Set in a village on the edge of a forest, the time and place are left to the reader’s imagination. Miya, a young village girl, sets out one wintry day to feed the forest animals. This sensitive child has always been concerned about her wild neighbors. Every winter she makes it a habit to ensure they have food. On this particular day, Miya is in for a big surprise.

Deep in the woods, Miya encounters a talking squirrel who demands she leave the forest. As soon as she gets over the shock of talking to a squirrel, Miya ponders why she is so unwelcome in this place she loves. Trying to find her way home, she becomes lost and stumbles upon an animal meeting led by a haughty owl. Here, she discovers why humans are so disliked and mistrusted among the creatures of the forest. Encouraged by a kindly crow, she becomes determined to change the way humans and animals get along.

As the story unfolds, Miya must find a way to make peace between the village community and the forest dwellers.
The upcoming solstice is the perfect opportunity to take a stand. A Winter Solstice Celebration follows Miya’s adventures as she returns to the forest with a bold idea to start a new winter solstice tradition among the villagers–one that doesn’t involve so much destruction to the forest.

“A Winter Solstice Celebration has a universal appeal as it gives insight into the potentially devastating impact of humans on the environment through the eyes of the animals. Young readers will be so captivated by Miya’s adventures; they will not realize they are learning multiple lessons: respect for the environment and for each other, the importance of standing up for your beliefs and the need to conquer your fears.”
From the book tour website

With beautiful illustrations, this book is a visual treat for young readers. This book is perfect for a read aloud on those cold nights, and the lovely illustrations promise to keep the kids interested. A story with a beautiful and a very practical message, this book would make a wonderful gift for the little ones in your family…

The other day, the Hubby was reading this beautiful book to Aarya, and I can tell you he was truly excited about the beautiful illustrations, I am sure he is going to love listening/reading the story once he is older. I leave you with a pic of his and a sneak peek into the book, which I hope you will enjoy, as much as my family did.

About the Author:
DiDi LeMay is the author of “A Winter Solstice Celebration” and “Freddy’s French Fries Fiasco”. DiDi LeMay enjoys a busy life writing, teaching English as a Second Language, and helping her students find their
career paths.

Author DiDi LeMay

DiDi was involved with children’s entertainment for numerous years. While living in Europe she founded a Children’s Theatre Group, teaching children the ins and outs of acting, dancing, stage management, and writing. Eventually, teaching and writing took up most of her time.
DiDi’s hobbies are reading and learning about the environment, as well as nutrition and good health and just plain enjoying life. DiDi lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and her cat Harley.
Visit DiDi LeMay’s website at
A Winter Solstice Celebration is available for purchase at:
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Read the interview with DiDi at the Author Q&A Page.
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A big thank you goes out to the Author and Yvonne at YP Publishing for sending me a copy of this book.


On a side note, we are going on our much awaited holiday and will be back by December 1st week and needless to say this book and other books are coming with us too. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your kind comments and support, you guys make blogging such a fun hobby.