Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

November 11, 2008 0 By admin

Like Water for Chocolate – A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances and Home Remedies is a mystical tale, that I enjoyed thoroughly. Being always greedy for good food, my taste buds never slept, after I started reading this amazing tale. It is so ‘fairy-talish’ and yet so real. I loved Tita, and was amazed at the speed with which the story accelerated each month.

I must say that the end was amazing, nothing that I did expected at all.

There have been mixed reaction to this novel, but I completely adored it. I had half a mind to test these recipes, or the Home remedies; but there were so many things I didn’t understand that I would not dare try. J

I would want to share this small excerpt that I found on Wiki about Laura Esquivel and her extremely amazing book –

The novel, taking place in nineteenth century Mexico, shows the importance of the kitchen in Esquivel’s life. Esquivel believes that the kitchen is the most important part of the house and characterizes it as a source of knowledge and understanding that brings pleasure. The “title refers to a colloquial phrase used by the Spanish that means an extremity of feeling. It refers to a boiling point in terms of anger, passion and sexuality.” The idea for the book came to Esquivel “while she was cooking the recipes of her mother and grandmother.” Reportedly, “Esquivel used an episode from her own family to write her book. She had a great-aunt named Tita, who was forbidden to wed. Tita never did anything but care for her own mother. Soon after her mother died, so did Tita.

Isn’t it a mystical story?! I never knew about so many things – related to kitchen. It is amazing, that I really enjoyed the peek-a-boo into Mexican ranch life of the nineteenth century.

If you enjoy something mystical, love cooking, have problem in keeping your taste-buds from becoming watery and are emotional about love and women who don’t seem to get their love … then this book is for you … as much as it is for me.

Loved it totally.And hope you too love it, for my sakes. 🙂

Thanks to ‘travel the world (from a comfy chair)’; otherwise I would have never ended up reading it anyways 🙂

Thanks Bethany 🙂 for this wonderful book, just in time – for some mystical romance 🙂

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