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April 25, 2013 8 By admin

We subscribed to Little Readers Nook this month. This is a parent – child themed reading program targeted towards the 2-6 crowd. The kit includes 4 books+3 activities+ 1 exciting toy or puzzle; which is delivered (or you can pick it up as well) once or twice a month (your choice). For our first trial month we chose “family theme”.

We had Aarya’s Grandparents visit us this month, so this was the perfect reading companion for us 🙂 Our set included 4 books –

Don’t let the Aliens get my Marvelous Mum! by Glillian Shields

My Dad is Awesome! by Nick Butterworth

Stories for 3 Year olds

Hello! Is that Grandma? by Ian Whybrow

Our first activity idea came from the kit itself. We made a scrapbook style collage of our family near and dear ones. We started with working on a About Me page that I downloaded from Miss Pam’s Room (which I found on Pinterest).

Yes Red is his favorite color.

I added his picture. Then let him glue the letters in his name which are actually newspaper cut-outs (he lost the Y).  Let him draw his fathers face ( the one in brown bottom-left). And I added everything else 🙂

All done!

Then I gave him a blank paper, some sketch pens and stickers –

Yes, 2 pens is the way to draw 😉

Then he squeezed the glue to stick our pictures,

An then added the stickers –

I gave him some heart stickers, car stickers and such. He added a pink sticker for his Grandma (not in the picture) because she likes pink… too sweet!

All DONE! Here is a samplae of what we managed 🙂

One of the pages we did together 🙂 This is his Grandparents, Aunt and his Dad (all in one set of pictures. The dog sticker is for Vava our dog, whose picture I forgot to print out. We also did his cousins in another. And his Uncles and Aunts.

We did all in all 3 pages and he was done. In these 3 pages I tried and let him glue all the people. The result is not beautiful by any standards but he was mighty proud of it and showed his father and also named everyone 🙂 He especially loved this and his cousins page. He looks at it daily and I am sure the sketch pens have been used on the pictures also 🙂

i will be sharing more activities in the coming days.

A little about Little Readers Nook.

Devaki Bhujang Gajare (owner), an Electronics Engineer from Mumbai, worked as a Software Analyst in Pune and New York from 2004 to 2011. She’s mom to 3 year old Mihir – the inspiration behind Little Readers’ Nook!

Contact her by going here. (Don’t forget to mention me to her ;))