Loud Lula by Katy S. Duffield

Loud Lula by Katy S. Duffield

September 28, 2018 25 By admin

Since her birth, Lula’s LOUD voice has wreaked ten kinds of havoc across Pryor County, disrupting humans and animals alike. Lula’s parents are worried: What’s going to happen when Lula starts school? Will Lula ever learn to use her “inside voice”? But when Lula spots something sinister making its way toward town, it seems that she may have found just the right use for that BIG ol’ voice after all. Loud Lula by Katy S. Duffield is full of amazing illustrations and is choke full of fun to read aloud to little ones!

Lula may be a pint-sized gal, but she’s got a BIG ol’ voice!

Loud Lula by Katy S. Duffield

Lula is LOUD, she hollers a lot and her parents have tried to tell her to keep it down, but, unfortunately, she is very loud! When she turns 5 and goes to school, her parents are worried about it. On her very first day, the teacher suggests she use her inside voice but is Lula able to do it? 

This is an adorable and cute story, however, if you picked it up with the intention to help kids understand hollering and talking loudly is not acceptable, especially in school, and you were hoping to find some tips to help them keep it down – then this is a wrong pick. This book might encourage them to continue talking loudly which doesn’t mean this book is bad. It is supposed to be a fun read, and it is. This book is funny and my kids laughed at the way the people reacted because of Lula’s talking! They did try to holler to make me go Arghh a couple of times for fun too 🙂

This book is a good read for kids between 3- 5 years! And this is also available to read on Kindle Unlimited! Read Loud Lula by Katy S. Duffield on Kindle!

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