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Love books Exchange – #lovebooks

Love Books Bubbleink Writes had the fabulous idea of hosting a #lovebooks exchange party  just like what The Educators Spin on it did. SO with ample support from The Educator’s Spin of it, we recently had our own little book exchange party. I was to send my package to Suchi Ravalia and I received mine from Jyotsna Dilip; 2 pretty awesome girls – who are passionate about books just like I am! I first of all want to thank Bubbleink Writes, because of her I was introduced to a group of parents who were crazy about books, just like we are! And I am so so so so happy to find like minded people. Thank you to The Educators Spin on it for thinking up this idea and executing it on such a large scale too, you are an inspiration! Aarya was sick with Viral when our package, so to say it was apt is an understatement. Being sick and inddors, is not fun and your package was a great help, Jyotsna!

The letter from Surya and Spandana, I LOVE the style of writing, Gorgeous!
A poor sick boy holding his Dino books! He loved them instantly <3

As you saw in the picture, our activities included –
1) Build a Dinosaur with foam shapes
2) Dinosaur Sudoku
3) Build a Dino fossil with pasta
4) Understanding germs with a glitter in water experiment.

I will let pictures of the 1st 2 activities do the talking.

There was an instruction sheet attached which was very helpful. Aarya tried to copy it and then built his very own Dinos.
Ummm… I am not sure about this one 🙂
Of course a Triceratop!! Can you make out?

Aarya has never played Sudoku. So he just matched the pictures first and then I tried explaining it to him.

I couldn’t get pictures of our skeleton/ Glitter Germs because we did it on a another day and Anjie got sick too. This was such an AWESOME experience and I would definitely want to do it again.

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  1. Veens, this exchange is such a great idea! These activities are wonderful, and will help foster a love of reading/learning. Terrific pics and presentation! 🙂

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