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Making Alphabet Soup


I am sure there is someone who has done this before. For Aarya, it was just his favorite water play idea. I included some spoons and utensils from the kitchen and tiny alphabets and we made soup. [ #nofiller pictures this time]

I let him play, really. I watched in quite amazement as he made *his soups*.

I listened to him *pretend* talk.

I did not interrupt.

I had my much-needed quiet time/ snuggles with my precious girlie.

I now know that I need to incorporate some sort of water play in our week.

These simple things are my sanity-savers on days I feel more like an ordinary muggle 🙂 😉

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8 thoughts on “Making Alphabet Soup

  1. Good one. Thank God for Summer! You can give a tub full of water and the little one will play for atleast an hour, adding things like bowls, scoops, glasses, bottles, etc. This is a good idea to incorporate. Sometimes I give my soon-to-be 3 year old 2 bottles of colored water to mix and make a new colour like red and yellow or yellow and blue.

  2. Water play is so much fun. I just dump the two into the bath-tub and give them stuff to do with mugs and buckets and toys. They can spend hours in there.

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