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March is Read Aloud Month!


Thanks to all you lovely Moms on my Facebook Page!!
Let’s make this coming month fun!!

Each day of March, I will read 1 book to my children and post about it here!

How can you participate?

You can share the picture of the book you read to your adorable monsters too.

Giveaway! !

All the people who complete this challenge will be entered to win a Rs 250 gift coupon from Amazon!!

Tag your friends, spread the word and let’s all.have fun and find more amazing reads!

Come join me on this page or on my FB page!

3 thoughts on “March is Read Aloud Month!

  1. This is such a great idea! Reading to children is valuable in many ways. Veens, I love your clever new blog design! 🙂

    On a different note, I am thinking about a new Really Random Tuesday button–would you be able to design a new one for me?

  2. We read to Gage every night before bed (at the very least) he gets to choose one book for daddy and one for mommy (if mommy hasn’t already chosen one!) Great challenge.

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