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Matrimony by Joshua Henkin

I won [YAY!] a SIGNED copy of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin at Alea‘s Pop Culture Junkie. Joshua Henkin sent it to me with a message on it. And I was VERY EXCITED that I got my FIRST prize!

Everyone has written so many reviews about this book, and I am sure MY review won’t count much πŸ™‚ But — You can’t stop me from writing one can you!?

An excerpt from the description –

It is 1987, and Julian Wainwright, aspiring writer and Waspy son of New York City old money, meets beautiful, Jewish Mia Mendelsohn in the laundry room at Graymont College. So begins a love affair that, spurred on by family tragedy, will take Julian and Mia across the country and back, through several college towns, spanning twenty years.

Matrimony is a very quiet book; I had feared that I would not like this book because I thought I essentially knew the ending. But I was proved wrong. Trust me the ending is not the deal here, the whole plot, the characters everything is. And I would love to tell you that I was so shocked at what happened towards the middle of the story. But they moved on Julian and Mia and so did their problems.

The characters were outlined with graceful beauty. The turn on events had no effect on the characters, they were essentially sublime all throughout the novel. They reacted with the same intensity as expected but that infuriated me sometimes; I wanted more emotion, more anger maybe more [:-)].

When Mia wanted to ask her mother – ‘Who will take care of me’ – I had tears in my eyes.

I laughed out loud at Cooper – the little adorable nuisance and I can swear my beau wore goggles while cutting onions too [if you have read the book, you know what I am referring too].

I loved the fact that no one was perfect in this novel, and there was not one scene I would say had come out of the sky. I am not from the culture showcased in the book, but I identified with it so much.

I also loved the fact that, even being a rich-kid, Julian didn’t have the best of lives. He had his ups and downs. And he took his own time to get it right, and when he did, he didn’t change with it.

I think my review is a lot personal :o) But I read every book like that. So, if you guys want a light read, and a fast read and also something that’s real as well as enjoyable – go for this one.

Thanks Alea – for the giveaway

Thanks Joshua for sending me the book. I loved it πŸ™‚

PS – I would want to hate Carter – but then I like him now πŸ˜€ — that’s NOT a spoiler ok?

PPS – I love the cover of the book.

0 thoughts on “Matrimony by Joshua Henkin

  1. Alea said…
    Yay! πŸ˜€

    3 November 2008 02:46

    Trish said…
    Glad you liked it!! I love this cover also…mine is a bathroom scene which kind of freaks me out a little. πŸ˜›

    3 November 2008 04:38

    J. Kaye Oldner said…
    I am excited for you too! Look forward to reading your thoughts on this book.

    3 November 2008 05:55

    Ann said…

    I just stopped by to tag you for the β€œ7 Random Bookish Things Tag,” which you can check out on my blog.

    You’re it!

    I’d also like to invite you check out my current book giveaway for Where Am I Wearing if it interests you. It’s open worldwide.

    3 November 2008 07:45

    Priya Iyer said…
    sounds like something i would love to read!!! and ya, i loved the cover too!! πŸ™‚

    3 November 2008 10:45

    Veens said…
    Alea πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ thanks!

    3 November 2008 17:49

    Veens said…
    Trish – really πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ God! I have not seen any other cover at all. lol!

    3 November 2008 17:49

    Veens said…
    J Kaye Thanks!

    3 November 2008 17:50

    Veens said…
    Ann thanks for tagging me. And thanks for letting me know about the giveaway πŸ™‚

    3 November 2008 17:50

    Veens said…
    Priya – I want you to like it too πŸ™‚

    3 November 2008 17:50

    S. Krishna said…
    Great review! I have a copy of this book sitting on my shelf that I also got from Josh – can’t wait to read it!

    3 November 2008 23:33

    jessi said…
    Nice review – sounds like an excellent book. πŸ™‚

    4 November 2008 03:26

    Veens said…
    S. Krishna – lovely~!! go ahead and read it πŸ™‚ Have fun!

    4 November 2008 06:15

    Veens said…
    Jessi – thanks! It sure is!

    4 November 2008 06:17

    Dar said…
    Good review Veens. Glad you liked it. I have this book also but haven’t read it yet, hope to soon.

    4 November 2008 08:42

    Veens said…
    Dar- i really really hope you like it too!

    4 November 2008 08:43

    bethany said…
    congrats on your first prize!!! yay!

    4 November 2008 09:05

    Veens said…
    thanks Bethany!

    4 November 2008 09:06

    J. Kaye Oldner said…
    Call me an idiot, but I didn’t get this was a review. This hasn’t been my brightest week.

    Sorry…lol! Anyway, I get it now and so glad you loved the book.

    4 November 2008 18:35

    Veens said…
    Hey J Kaye – I was baffled by your comment too πŸ˜€ lol

    but i thought… u might have been sleepy or something πŸ˜‰ and thats alright… u came back to my blog… and that is so sweet of u !

    4 November 2008 18:56

    Priya Iyer said…
    i have been trying to find this book everywhere, but with no luck at all! πŸ™ i sooooo want to read it…

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