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This is the norm … ALWAYS!
Shaving foam is a favorite!

I am not the awesome organized mom with a pin-worthy home! At any given point of time, I have gazillion chores to do and my house is custom designed by a 4 year old (read that line somewhere and wanted to use it for a long time!). Despite that, I get stressed thinking about the cleaning, about the house in general ( we live in an rented accommodation) if I have to do an activity which will end up being messy!  At 2 previous houses we stayed, we had a one important wall covered in bright colored swirls! I was so mortified that I did not give Aarya a sketch pen for days! Yes, I am that mama!

But as I read so many blogs, I learn.

I learn the importance of it

I learn that it is therapeutic

I see that he enjoys it.

For a while now, I have been trying out various options to *contain* the mess! I tried our plastic table cloth, which is slippery, curls up under him and not good according to him. I also tried a lot of other things, which never really contained anything until our daughter’s crib came. The box was huge and it handled the mess! And this has helped me be more *open* to the mess  too.

Here are some tips that have worked for me over time (apart from the awesome box) –

* The project is messy, it might get all over the place, there will be lot of cleaning required! Keep chanting this in my head 🙂

* Keep a bath ready (shared via Instagram by my friend @cherishedchaos) – which saves my sanity many a times. I just toss his stuff and him under the shower ( and he absolutely loves that)

* Keep the activity as close to the bathroom as possible! You have no idea, Aarya walks around leaving a trail!

* Clean-up immediately, no – matter what! Dried up stuff is never easy to clean.

* Let him wear clothes that I do not mid staining ( this is a no – brainer but I need to remind myself, always)

* Only do activities when Babe is sleeping or is in a good mood and chirping! A crying baby and a messy project is a BIG no- no!

*Steer clear of paints that stain the tiles.

*Cloud dough is super – messy (never ever allow Aarya to mix it up – it will definitely end-up with more oil than is needed – most probably the whole bottle of oil will be dumped!), do it maybe once a month :-/ And tiny alphabets and dough is not good – they just take lot of time to clean as the dough sticks in the tiny holes 🙁

*For sensory bins, create rules! And STICK to them. No bin items should come (intentionally) out of the bin, ever.

*For water-play, a towel always contains a FLOOD 🙂

* Forgive and Forget. Try again and again and again 🙂


Do you do messy? Would you share with me any other tips?

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6 thoughts on “Messy Play

  1. So adorable. I do messy but for the most part we keep it outdoors. Water play is strictly outdoors.

    We live in a new house, so I am a lot more particular about stuff. But in our old flat, Snubnose ran loose with the colors and dough.

  2. Messy play is great fun for children, but certainly NOT fun for the adult who is responsible for the (endless) clean up. Terrific post and photos! 🙂

  3. I’m not so good at messy int he house, so I applaud your patience! I’m okay with most everything outsiide so it makes the nice weather so much nicer for Gage 🙂

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