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Monday Blues!

A huge thanks to J.Kaye for hosting this which helps me chart out my progress and get depressed at no progress and exhilarated at a little :D!
Apart from having a bad week [ in comparison to last week ], I am still feeling GOOD!
For one thing I am done with Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. And I LOVED it. This one has to be my fav among the 2 Dessen books I have read. Review to come in this week 🙂

This week in my reading kitty are –

Along came a Spider is a psychological thriller, and I just realized that I am not enjoying it anymore… **SIGH**!

As I finished a classic last week, I remembered about Jane Eyre that I had started some months back. It is an eBook and I am going to employ the same method that girls reading Moby Dick are applying, a few pages everyday…
The point is I really like this one and I think I like it much more than Persuasion, but the sheer size sometimes makes me LAZY and I dump the idea of finishing it… but not this time. I am determined and I will read it! Wish me luck, friends!

So how was your week?! Read any good ones?! oh! Did I tell you I LOVED Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen?! I just thought I will mention it again, and ohhh! YES thank you SHONA for the eBook!

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