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Monday is here Again!

I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and LOVED IT!
In the last Monday post I told you… I had started The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.. still reading that! And with that.. I have also started Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart!

Talking about Things Fall Apart, I am actually liking it! I have never before read anything about an African tribe and this is a new experience. But something I have noticed, is that however old and distant tribe is from my world, the basic things are the same. I will write a review on this in the coming week. For making you READ this one, I would love to mention that this one is a small and fast read [224 pages]. So go ahead and pick it up.

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  1. I read Things Fall apart my first year in college and I think I was too young to appreciate it, though I keep hearing that it is very good. I have a copy and I plan on giving it a re-read one of these days. I am glad that you are enjoying it!

  2. things fall apart sounds really good, something i would like to pick up :)i loved a thousand splendid suns too :)i had a doubt regarding OT 09 – are we supposed to read authors from 10 different countries or can we read books based on 10 different countries? would you pls clarify?

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