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A huge thanks to J.Kaye for hosting this which helps me chart out my progress and get depressed at no progress and exhilarated at a little :D!
Last Monday post was cool in a way that I had so much to write about! This Monday I am tired and sleepy and…brrr!
I didn’t finish anything last week except Along Came a Spider [I am struggling with my review though]
I am reading…Anne of Green Gables [ I love this cover, pictures Anne so well], in the hopes of finishing the Classics Challenge and the What’s in a Name Challenge 2!
In other updates, I received Visions in White…from Shona! Wow! I am already behind on my reading 🙂 ! I need some energy LOL!
Another one was Yorkshire Molly, which was a giveaway WIN from Amy[Passages to the Past]! With this I also received a painting depicting 2 ladies of that era. I need to take pic of it and post 🙂
Nice… this post makes me feel nice 🙂
On the personal front, our visiting relatives have gone home and I am now waiting for my mom :o)!
Shona and me are proud of the online book club we have just started through Google Wave and our first read is going to be Persuasion by Jane Austen! Gosh, I really needed some push to get the book rolling! We have some nice girls in our club – ME, Shona, Kals, Nishi,, Priya and lets see who else is going to join in! Are you interested? Zap me a mail, ok!?
Shona, Priya and me are competing in the 100 Shots of Shorts Challenge. Priya and Shona are getting ahead of me LOL!
On Friday, Husband and me went to see “Paa”, the movie and I actually liked it! Review will be coming soon!
Hmm.. that’s ALL I can think of right now. How was your week?! What are you reading?!

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  1. I've never seen that Anne of Green Gables cover…very cute.I'm reading The Lacuna, and Moby Dick, and The Girl Who Played w/ Fire (because you said you were waiting for me to read it!).

  2. Veens, I love to visit your Monday posts early–while it's still Sunday here!I think you'll really enjoy Anne of Green Gables.Paa looks quite intriguing!

  3. Veens ~ sign up for some more challenges girl LOLYou're right that cover of Anne of Green Gables is gorgeous. Hope you love Vision in White. Happy reading this week.PS you've gone from 7 to 13 on the comments LOL happy now??

  4. anne of green gables.. what a wonderful book isnt it?? I have been slacking with the reading last week.. totally understand the need for energy! 🙂 sigh!

  5. I really like that Anne cover…much better than the one I am most familiar with.Energy? What is that?? I so know what you mean. I have 3 or 4 book reviews that need to be posted. What is holding me back? I just do not want to do the final step of cleaning up what I wrote, writing it into my blog program and then uploading it. Simple,yet requires energy…maybe I am just being lazy? Your google wave book club sounds great. I have Persuasion and have been meaning to read it soon. I am going to send off an email to you, hope you do not mind.

  6. Looking forward to your Paa review.I saw the mudi mudi song on TV n Vidya is lookin g lovely in the song – nice locations, picturization n all.Had a feeling it would be a good one….

  7. I'm joining the chorus for a Paa review! I'm planning to go for it soon, but your review will be of great help =)Love the songs, especially. Mudhi Mudhi and Gumm Summ Gumm are great. The title track is so much fun too 😀

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