Motherhood – It is NEVER a pretty picture

Motherhood – It is NEVER a pretty picture

October 5, 2017 13 By admin

Motherhood was a defining moment. Unlike many, I dived into it with ALL my paws splashed out sliding on the ice like the Mammoth “Manny” in Ice age. It wasn’t supposed to be hard, was it?! I saw my Stay at home, hardly educated Mom doing it with ease. I was educated, I was smart, I was a professional, I was born to slay it, babe !


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Hello. Preet — thanks a ton dear Friend and awesome blogger from My Little Muffin for introducing me. Preet is a flight attendant turned blogger 💝 A goofy mom who is here to break the STEREOTYPES and has her own mobile APP!


So Motherhood happened and that degree did not come handy, neither did a job. And I fell face first looking for air, where there was none.

That probably is a bit harsh, right?! Seriously the cute moms, all beaming with pride, and love at the little wonder they just pushed out. I was the stark opposite picture. I wasn’t beaming, I wasn’t proud, I was depressed. Read more on my story that I shared earlier here.

Life happened. And then you just have to root for basics. Go back and learn that motherhood wasn’t the pretty picture that my mom painted for me. She did with ease because she was a born Manager, she slayeq it because she worked the tiny details in the background. I slowly understood for the pretty picture, a mom has to work tirelessly through the yucky stuff-steadily. For most Days a new mom survives on little sleep, a poor zombie truly.

But as one says, there isn’t a journey like Mommyhood and as much as I suck at it big time, I also think it has given me this purpose, that wasn’t there before. Even though, it is never wise to invest all your PURPOSE in little people who will grow up to disappoint or make you proud, it nevertheless happens. We invest so much time, so much love and so much of us into their little lives, that Mommyhood is a journey that one never forgets or regrets!

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On a normal day, they could kill each other ❤️ . But when they play together, it's the best thing ever ( even if it is short lived ) . They are so similar but so so different. They bully each other, they are each other's biggest supporters too. . When I am angry, Anjali turns to Aarya for comfort (no kidding) and that instantly knocks my anger off. . Like @beachwalkmuse said, after 7 years of parenting I thought I would have my shit together, but it seems it's going to take a decade more 😂😂😂. Until then, I just love their comradeship ❤️ . And I am glad that I thought of having 2 (the result of blurry hazy wishful thinking ) . Even though my Mom did warn me citing the example of her own life😱, being the tortured mama to myself and my sister @anupama.psh – who still never leave a chance to get to each other's throats 😂😂😂💕 . Oh well! To Infinity and beyond! 🤘🏾 . For having a Sibling, is like having a Mirror which never lies 🌸

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My little people are my driving force, my reason to wake up everyday and concur the day, concur my fear of failing or falling and concur the truth that I will NEVER have a pretty picture.

SO to all new and old moms out there, it si NOT the picture that you paint for the outside world, it is (without doubt) the big picture in which you slay the messes, the bad moments, the tantrums, the sleepless nights, the frustrations, the never ending milestones and you STILL have your PURPOSE defined, and your your HEARTS FULL. You LOVE, you LOVE and you LOVE some more!

I thank Pooja of Mums and Babies to have thought of this blog-train and given us the beautiful opportunity to be part of this Mega train <3

I am super happy to introduce Mehak from Baby and Beyond. Mahak is mom to an 18 month old baby and blogger at Baby & Beyond. Her blog is all about sharing her parenting escapades, with a focus on natural and gentle parenting techniques, mother and baby product reviews, age-appropriate toys, books & activities and baby food & recipes. She also has been dabbling in fiction of late. [Talk about Multi Tasking eh?]