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My First Book of London by Charlotte Guillain

My First Book of London by Charlotte Guillain is a Non fiction Picture book published by Bloomsbury Books.

Book Name : My First Book of London
Author : Charlotte Guillain
Illustrated by Roland Dry

London is a beautiful city and is one of the most sought after travel destinations too. This beautiful hardcover book is just perfect to have a bookilicious tour of London. One look at the Table of contents, and you know all the famous Landmarksa is covered!

A handy map of London is provided fr kids to pour over it! And this is a great add- on because my son loves Maps and he loved identifying places he knew on this map!

Even though London is full of gorgeous Landmarks but there are some special things to spot that keep coming up again and again and for little kids there is a page of things to spot throught out London [ or this book ]

Aarya had an assignment in school where he had to write on his Dream Destination, he wrote “London” as his dream destination and used My First Book of London as his map to lay out all the exciting things he wanted to see. From The Buckingham palace to the Museum to many more things!


The illustrations are realistic and there is just enough facts for the kids to undrestand and read. The book has questions too, and the answers are right there in the book to find! A great book to read before your trip to London and also to read to have a bookish tour of London for kids! My First Book of London is a great conversaton starter and an amazing guide for kids!


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