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One Hundred Candles (Past Midnight #2) by Mara Purnhagen

One Hundred Candles (Past Midnight #2)
by Mara Purnhagen
Paperback, 240 pages
Published February 15th 2011 by Harlequin (first published February 9th 2011)

It’s taken a long time for me to feel like a normal teenager. But now that I’m settled in a new school, where people know me as more than Charlotte Silver of the infamous Silver family paranormal investigators, it feels like everything is falling into place. And what better way to be normal than to go on a date with a popular football star like Harris Abbott? After all, it’s not as if Noah is anything more than a friend….

But my new life takes a disturbing turn when Harris brings me to a party and we play a game called One Hundred Candles. It seems like harmless, ghostly fun. Until spirits unleashed by the game start showing up at school. Now my friends and family are in very real danger, and the door that I’ve opened into another realm may yield deadly consequences.

Charlotte is finally feeling a bit normal, she has 2 best friends, is not leading a nomadic life but is been in the same school for past one year, is looking forward to the prom and it seems a boy is interested in her too. Even though she had to spend the Christmas day in some kind of sanatorium with Dr. Zelden – the bestselling author and very known Demon-hunter ( who sounds more bogus than real) – looking for demons, she still feels good about her life. But when Zelden’s help, Marcus snatches her hands and tells her that ‘the curtains have been pulled too far, a price has to be paid’, Charlotte knows there is something quite not right about her life. Marcus has no idea though, what got into him and neither has he any idea, how he almost broke Charlotte’s hand. Followed by this Charlotte with her friends, on the insistence of Harris – her crush – go to a party where there play the game called One Hundred Candles, in which each person has to tell a true ghost story and light a candle. Nothing seems unusual until the very next day, things start happening in the school – that are kind of the same as the stories told in the game. Charlotte has to figure if someone is playing a prank, or the voice she had heard at the sanitarium had some how followed her here.

I read and reviewed the first book (Past Midnight) in this series and really liked it. So I could not pass the chance to read the next one as well. One Hundred Candles is a very fast read ( I was done in 2 days) and really a page-turner. I really liked this one, which had more action than the first book. The fact is that I like Charlotte and her 2 BFs – Avery and Noah – too. But I have to say that I was somehow disappointed with her decisions (even though I understood her reasons well) which led to all the issues in the end. But I still felt very bad for her and her family. I am very happy that the author did not drop out Zared from this one, even though he didn’t have much to do.

All in all this was a satisfying sequel and I am going to get to the 3rd book soon. This is turning out to be an entertaining series.
Thanks to Netgalley for my copy of this book.

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  1. At night she s a YA author in charge of spunky main characters and ghosts. is the first book in a paranormal series surrounding a young teenage girl Charlotte Silver. She joined us last November to talk all about that first ghostly novel Past Midnight. In fact it s her older sister Annalise who is the one that s sensitive to energies.

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