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Our princess


I have been absent from my little space for a while. … and there is a reason. . A very good reason. .


Those of you who follow me on Instagram or are my friends on Facebook, already know of this.

wpid-wp-1395734947976.jpegGod answered our prayers,  he blessed our family..our our little baby orange arrived on 27th Feb @ 1:55pm.




After spending 16+ hours in the labor room, this little joy of mine was placed on my tummy.

If you like to hear delivery-stories, then you should read on…

At around 4pm on 26th Feb, I started having back-pains. Having had backache all through, I did not think much of it. By 6pm, I realized that my aches were recurring and not continuous. I had pains every 15 minutes but I was still very hesitant to tell my mom, thinking this could not be it. ( Last pregnancy, we went to hospital after my water broke) Finally at around 6:30 pm I told mom, who got all worried and decided we really need to goto the hospital and check it out. I finally called my doctor who suggested the same thing.

When I called my husband, he was also not sure but came home immediately and we 4 (including Aarya) went to hospital. Because it was peak – traffic time, it took us 90 minutes even with a short-cut. We chose Seven Hills Hospital, Andheri, Mumbai for my delivery. At 9:30 pm, I reached the labor room, where the junior doctor was waiting for me, as my doctor had called and arranged for my Check-up. By 10pm, my doctor – Dr. Vaishali JOshi also arrived and after checking me confirmed that I had dilated 3 cms and would be admitted. My mom decided to stay with me and we booked our room too, so that she could lie down during the night.

The doctor was positive that I would deliver early in the morning but during the night I only dilated 1 more cm and my water did not break either. All through this they continuously checked the baby. At 6, Dr. Vaishali told me that I needed to walk around a bit to speed up the process which I did and I went into active labor post this. By 12, my water had still not broken, so the doctor had to break it! And finally at 1:55pm, our Baby Orange was born. She came out with her hand near her head and the doc joked that she wanted to shake hands first thing.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to my doctor who kept her promise – that she will be by my side and will the 1st person to touch our babe. She was there to guide my family and me every step of the way. She discussed with us every possibility and did my delivery the most natural way. I am thankful to all the nurses and the support staff for helping me through the LONG hours I spent there; especially the head nurse who held my hand when I wanted her too…

Thankful for my family. AND thankful to God Almighty for giving us Our perfect little babe.

Tomorrow we celebrate her 28th Day with us… we have planned her naming ceremony. I would love it if all of you pray for our family, especially for our baby.


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  1. Wow… congrats… I am with Dr Joshi too and waiting for my baby who is due in December:)
    After reading your review I am very relaxed.

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