Rule Out ThyroWeight  – An important symptom of Thyroid Disorder

  I was fortunate enough to attend an expert talk about Thyroid and all the effects it could cause. We had such an awesome time listening to Dr. Shehla Shaikh, leading Endocrinologist discuss all the Myths and Facts about Thyroid disorder and Thyroweight. This session not only threw light on the causes and effects but also discussed many facts which are totally new to me!   Sometimes being Parents, we put symptoms like lethargy, fatigue, tiredness, unexplained hairfall, depression weight gain as part of our lifestyle and our job of

A Letter to My Son

Dear Aarya, You are perfect, little boy! And I am blessed! My baby boy, you have a heart of Gold and you will always be my favorite Boy forever! My Boy, there is a lot of pressure on men in this Era. From looking the wrong way, to saying the wrong things – there are many things that you could do wrong, but remember in your heart that your worth is measured by the way you treat the Woman in your life! From your Sister, to your friends, and probably

5 Favorite Picture Books and Related Activities – eBook FREE Download

Over the past long weekend, I worked hard on rounding up our 5 favorite Picture Books and looking through the activities we did, inspired by the books! And I am so very excited for you to have it! YES!! This PDF has all the activiites we did based on – The Owl Babies – The Pleasant Rakshasa – Little Blue Truck – If you give a mouse a cookie – Hooray for Fish! All of these books are beloved to us, and it’s nostalgic to look at all these photos

Poem Book Review : Poems for the very young Selected by Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Bob Graham

Hello friends, today with talk about this beautiful and fun Poem Book for the little enthusiasts, because everyone deserves to have some fun. So taking inspiration from The girl who loves her songs, here is one of her first #PoemBooksforKids! 🎵 🎵 To market, to market, to buy a plum cake. . Back again, back again, baby is late. . To market, to market, to buy a plum bun, Back again, back again, market is done. 🎵🎵 This compilation of Poems are selected by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Bob Graham!

Freedom to Choose

Hello and welcome to #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon Day 3! And today, I am talking about FREEDOM to CHOOSE! When Aarya was born all I wanted was to make sure he was surrounded by BOOKS! And he was, there were so many books all around, all I wanted to do is read to him, and make sure he became a “READER”. I was obsessed with the idea, that if I did not take initiative, he will never read! And you know what happened? Of course, the most terrible thing – he began to

5 Tips to Read Aloud Regularly

Hello Everyone! Day 2 of the #LetsDiscussFreedom and today we talk about Inhibitions! Why do Mama’s dread Read Aloud time? What holds you back from Reading Aloud Daily? So yesterday, I went Yada Yada on why reading aloud is important and what can be done to become free and read with intention AND have fun along the way! Even then , I am no Saint, I find it hard to take time out or even to be in the right frame of mind to read to kids! So I decided to sit an decode what

Reading Aloud set me Free!

What does Freedom mean to me? Hello guys! I am part of the team hosting the #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon! I had this post written and ready to go yesterday, but due to some issues with the blog, I am getting posted it now! After a LONG frustrating day, I realized how much I LOVE my blog and this little space – and that I don’t want to be in a position of losing it. ( more on it later). This post is close to my heart, and is about reading aloud


February is not just the month of LOVE, but it’s the month when we were blessed with the HeartBeat of AaryaAnjali Mansion! Yes February is the month Anjie was born, and this coming month she turns 4! And every year, I put in a lot of thought into what we Gift her! We like to choose gifts that are Open-Ended, Sustainable and have a Long Life! I do not support Toy – Clutter, instead I support well thought-out, intentional toys for the kids. As we know for Babies, toddlers, preschoolers

5 Refreshing Dress Combinations to Wear in Wedding Functions

What are you wearing for your pre-wedding functions??? Wedding shenanigans start from the day when its date gets booked. If you are a modern bride who has no place for compromise with her style statement and fashion sense, then check here to find some great pairings to wear on your pre-wedding functions and call it vogue. Being a bride, it becomes must to look your best and stand out from crowd. But it’s equally important to stay comfortable and breathable to make the most of your beautiful moments of life.