#PictureBookReview: Take away the A by Michael Escoffier

#PictureBookReview: Take away the A by Michael Escoffier

October 3, 2018 21 By admin

Take Away the A by Michael Escoffier is an interesting, off-beat and amazing Alphabet Book! I love Peculiar Alphabet books, and this one totally scores on all checkboxes. What is a word, but a collection of letters? Take away one letter, and the meaning and the sound changes!

A word totally transforms if you take away just one letter 

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When you take away an “E” from “BEAR”, it becomes a BAR! or What is ” DICE” without a “D” – of course it is ICE! The one thing that stands out though are the clever illustrations, they are funny and fun! the kids totally enjoy the SLY look!

AT 5, when Aarya was just starting to read and enjoy his small words – he found this book funny and would sit and decode other words, by taking out letters and seeing if they would make meaningful words when we remove letters from it! TRY IT!

Take away O from BOAT – BAT

Take Away O from COAT – CAT

Take Away from I from WAITER – WATER

We used to have so much fun with this simple game, can you think of more?

Why we LOVE Alphabet Books?

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Alphabetic knowledge, such as knowing the letter names and sounds, and phonological awareness are essential precursors to learning to read! Alphabet books are a great way for little kids to understand the letter formation, becoming aware of the letters and eventually their sounds! Good These books are the ones that are not just about A to Zs, but like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, they have a fun poem to sing out, they also help associate the big letters with small letters. 

Sometimes like “Take away the A” by Michael Escoffier, the Alphabet book is Quirky because it doesn’t do the traditional thing – it doesn’t tell the kids what word starts with the said letter, but it very well teaches them that a Word is made of letters. And Each letter has a Sound to play [ a job to do] and the meaning alters when the letter is taken out. 

Don’t forget to play the game with your kids after you read this book <3 I also found Brain Pickings review and talk about the illustrations fascinating! Go read it