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Play Shifu Space Explorer Box – Review

Play Shifu Explorer Box
Play Shifu Explorer Box

After we tried our Play Shifu Travel box and had loads of fun, we decided to try Play Shifu Space Explorer Box! We are having a lot of fun with our Play Shifu Space Explorer Box, and here is our review of it!


Unravel the Cosmic Mysteries with the Play Shifu Space Explorer Box!! 

And as expected after our great experience with Play Shifu’s Travel Box this was super hit with Aarya, we had a field day with his favorite Space Box

We have been using PLAY SHIFU’s SPACE EXPLORER box for 3 weeks now. . . And I declare this to be our favourite box. Aarya and me are both amazed at all the information that we had no clue about !!

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box
What’s Inside – Play Shifu Space Explorer Box

Tell you the truth it is a challenge when information is so scattered on the internet you have no idea how to collate it and use it to educate your space – enthusiast 🙄. But with Play Shifu Explorer Box, it is easy, convenient, educational but fun. .

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box is-

💥 Augmented reality enabled educational game for kids.

💥 for 5 plus Space – loving kids .

💥 mobile / handheld device based learning game. You need WiFi/ internet just once to download the app. .

💥 There are 60 cards full of amazing information, exploring Space related phenomena, missions, personalities and so much more. All at the tip of you fingertips .

💥 Visualise, know and understand Space 🚀 related equipment, solar system , important personalities and much more. .

💥Learning made fun with its interactive approach


What does one learn from Play Shifu Space Explorer Box –

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box
Image created using Play Shifu Space Explorer Box App
  1. Solar System
  2. Universe
  3. Space Related Technology
  4. Space Explorers


How do I use it with my 7year old –

  1. I let him explore on his own a couple of times, So that he gets familiar with it.
  2. We take a card, like he has, solar eclipse to study for his EVE. We watch how solar eclipse happens; then we hear about the details of it. Visual Learning is so much more effective and easier for the little minds because they learn by visualizing what actually happens as opposed to reading about it.
  3. We also learn spellings, see how equipment work and learn more about many prominent Space Explorers.

All in all, Play Shifu’s Space explorer box is amazing, challenging for my kids, and packs a lot of information. It is travel friendly, and can be taken anywhere and the best part it is when I am using it, I do not NEED Wi-Fi after the installation.

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box is a great Box for kids and a great gifting option as well.

You can Buy Play Shifu on Amazon via affliate links and support my site on the side bar!

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  1. Space Box sounds interesting. Kids love to explore space and I am sure it will be a good buy for the curious brains.

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