Popsicle Ornaments we made

December 16, 2013 3 By admin

We decided we could make more ornaments for school, and decided to make Popsicle ornaments inspired from the 2 of my pins on Pinterest – this one from Kindergarten Rocks! and this one from Dilly Dally Art!All you need –

  • 4 Popsicle sticks (or ice cream sticks)- I go a set for 5 Rs
  • silver tempera paint (mine came from the Rangeela assortment pack – 20 Rs)
  • Paper glitter assortment (our set was 25 Rs and had 5 colors, we used just blue)
  • 1 gem – (you can buy an assortment of this from your local store; got this for 24rs)

I let Aarya paint the Popsicle sticks the sliver paint first and let it dry. Then I showed hime “my idea” of use the glitter glue (you can see that one stick in the middle which has equally spaced tiny drops – that’s mine); of course Aarya has his own plans 🙂 After doing this I found that the paper glitter do not dry off easily on these sticks, so I took a paint brush and spread them out a little (because Aarya had put huge chunks of it) – that accelerated the drying process. Using fevicol, we glued it in the pattern of a snowflake – Aarya though was unimpressed and said it look more like a star (well, star it is, then!). Added the ribbon in the end for the hanging, this was super simple and looks cute too!

Next one needed –

6 Popscile sticks (from the above assortment)
Pom-Poms (I bought mine from Itsy Bitsy Online Store a while back, you could use other embellishments as well)
Some gems (from the above assortment)
Green tempera color (from the above assortment)

I let Aarya paint the Popscile sticks green, he was so so happy to do this. We let them dry. Then I cut 4 of them from tallest to shortest and we discussed how to glue them, which he did on the 5th stick. That’s where he lost interest. Later I asked him, if he would like to decorate his tree, and he said OK. I added glue and gave him the pom-poms to add and then the gems. Later on, I added more glue to the pom-poms so that they would stay in place. Added the ribbon and they were ready for school!

These along with our glitter foam ornament and the Christmas cards were packed and sent to school, hopefully teachers would like and appreciate his efforts 🙂

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