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Really Random Tuesdays #4

Hello Everyone, Welcome to yet another installment of Really Random Tuesdays hosted by a much admired blogger, Suko. I hope you guys are having a great week! I am having a good one too, especially because I have got some books I want to gush about 😉

All my goodies with Aarya' Snoopy Doggie 🙂

1st up, I received Faithful by Kim Cash Tate from! I have already started reading this one. It is Christian fiction and is about 3 women who are friends and have there on different issue to deal with. This book covers infidelity issues at different levels and also how faith in God can take us a long way. While reading this book, I was amazed that I had never given a thought to how I would feel, if my husband did not share my faith in the God we believe in. How would I feel, if he outright ignored and thought I was preachy if I were to discuss something I heard in the temples?! It is an interesting thing to ponder about really!

2nd, Got Beat by Stephen Jay Schwartz and  A Winter Solstice Celebration by DiDi LeMay for blog tour!

And I bought theodore boone by John Grisham and The Englishman’s Cameo by Madhulika Liddle (Hachette India). The latter of which was an impulse buy. I have never read of this author and was pleasantly surprised that it was a Hachette India imprint too. I loved the cover and I wanted to read an Indian author. After reading the reviews of this 2009 release, I think I am in for a treat.

Books apart, it is time to talk about Aarya. We introduced some food stuff for him, and well his reaction to each was different. I can tell you, the most he likes is the Banana based feed that I make. He hates Sweet Lime Juice so much that he puts his tongue out and acts “I am going to vomit” if you give me one more spoon of that :o)!  We are introducing one stuff at a time as advised by the doc… he is generally a non-fussy eater if you give stuff he likes. He loves water and likes to drink from his bottle on his own, the end result of which is always him drenched or out of breath :)! Don’t worry, I am right beside him most of the time 🙂

Aarya loves putting anything and everything in his mouth, the latest being my mobile :o)

And I am proud of my son too, he has started reading the newspaper, ah well, if you can call this, reading 😉

I hope you all have a great week ahead!

0 thoughts on “Really Random Tuesdays #4

  1. Thank you for making my Tuesday, Veens! And you are a day ahead of me once more.

    Aarya is absolutely adorable and gets cuter every time I see him. 🙂

    Enjoy your reading!

  2. Aarya is Sooooooooooooooo cute!! 🙂 love reading updates about him!!
    All the books sound lovely.
    BTW what book tour you’re participating in? how does it work?

    1. Thanks Priya. These books are from ‘PR by the Book’. They send emails about blog tours and if you are interested they will fix a date for you to be a part of the blog tour. And send the book to you too!
      I hope you participate, they have some good titles.
      You can register on there site!

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