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Really Random Tuesdays #5

Hello Everyone, Welcome to yet another installment of Really Random Tuesdays hosted by a very beautiful  blogger, Suko. I hope you guys are having a great week!

Really I have couple of books going on, but most of all I am reading short stories for 31 Shots of Shock. Right now I am very edgy and jumpy!

The shorts read so far are –

  1. The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell (my review)
  2. The Dead Woman’s Photograph by Anonymous (my review)
  3. Eternal Love by Kathy Lynn Blaylock (my review)
  4. An account of some strange disturbances in Aungier Street  by J. Sheridan Le Fanu (my review)

Here is a quote that I liked a lot..

via "nigsdamn, wait what?"

Aarya has runny nose, red eyes, sore throat ( I think) and cough. He got it from me and I am mighty sad about that. He is struggling and we went to see the doc yesterday. Doc says he is fine, and will be ok in 4-5 days but Aarya is very cranky and irritated all the time. I wish I could do something to help, but his nose is so small, I can’t even do anything. Meanwhile, I am giving him warm water to help the congestion, poor thing has not slept properly for 2 days now.  But I see changes today, he is smiling and talking, so all seems to be getting better.

NO Superman, NO Spiderman, NO Batman, Daddy is my hero.

I am also planning on getting back to posting about my favorite covers of the week. I used to post it on Wednesdays, but now I will post it as part of Really Random Tuesdays 🙂
Todays pick is Up at the Villa, which I found in the TBR pile of Bermudaonion’s page.

That’s all from me. Did you guys see the opening cermony of CommonWealth Games, 2010 hosted in Delhi? It was grand, loved it. My favorite moment was when team India entered, OMG! the crowd went wild!

I hope you all are having a great week!

0 thoughts on “Really Random Tuesdays #5

  1. Veens, you are too sweet!

    I hope Aarya feels better very soon. He is an absolute doll. Thank you for sharing this adorable picture!

    Love the cover of Villa!

    You made my Tuesday–and it’s still Monday here! 🙂

  2. Aw, poor little Aarya – it’s so hard when they’re sick when they’re little because they can’t tell you how they’re feeling!

    I agree – that cover is gorgeous – I actually got to meet the author and she is so nice and her husband is from Bermuda!

  3. Aw poor little Aarya. I hope he’s doing better now. I’m sure it must be so hard to see him not being his usual happy self.

    I’m really enjoying your reviews of your horror short stories! I get behind in commenting but I’m reading 🙂

  4. Sorry haven’t been around much lately; completely unmotivated 🙂
    Hope Aarya is feeling a whole lot better now, poor little fella.

    Have really been enjoying watching the games, they need to change that stupid rule about one break and you’re disqualified in the track; is sad to see them get DQ after all their hard work.

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