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or more like procrastination. [I just do not use many big words, they scare me]. But this, I have been doing a lot these days.

There are a few things I have realized –

* I can only blog about BOOKS. I am passionate about it, I read Children’s books a LOT, and I love talking about it.

* Almost all our activities revolve around a book.

* I want to get back to some fiction reading for me too.  #mommytime

* I am passionate about helping Aarya garner a LOVE for reading. In this age and time, it is the MOST challenging thing to work on. But I will, because I want him to read, to discover… the possibilities. Frankly, movies are awesome – but they are one man’s (or woman’s) interpretation of a book (if it is an adaptation). When you read, you can imagine, the same in your space and world and God! is that limitless? Harry Potter, was so much MORE when I was reading it, and to be true to myself, I found a LOT missing when I saw the movies – but it was good, nevertheless.

* I really do not worry about following a pattern. My space is about us, so vivid and random are we; my posts definitely will reflect that.

* I recently got active on Twitter ( I joined in June, 2010 according to Twitter), and I do not hate it. And you already know I am on Instagram ALL day 🙂 – follow along ( and I follow you back if you share at least one of my passions) 🙂

What’s in store from us:

Books (both picture books and fiction), related picture-book activities, random updates of our boring life, loads of photos, some quick recipes (though I am not into cooking) and some random posts on #parentingfailures 🙂

On more serious note –

With just 4 months left in the year, I have decided to join

300 books – MAY not happen, but I am positive we will have LOADS of reading.


This will push me to read more and we write about books more. Which means there will be weekly updates on the blog and almost daily updates on Instagram and twitter (again, follow me — already!)

And I will also be posting reviews (without activities) of our favorites books. Please note, ALL the books are purchased by me (or my sister) for our library ( I am yet to find a library that has AWESOME collection of picture books). I am also planning on some giveaways!

I did mention I was working with Aarya on phonics and I will be sharing our journey with you. That means a review of our favorite Bob Books is coming soon too. (whoops! did I just take on too much?) May be, but this gets me excited YAY!

I would like to THANK YOU all for sticking around through all of my bad, difficult and confused states. And I do hope I have a lot to write and read and blog about 🙂

PS – I do not blog for likes, but I do that to meet like-minded people, and I have found many, whom I am honored to call friends! You know who you are, and I love you ALL!

 PPS – My awesome blogger friend Poornima of ‘A spoonful of ideas‘ just launched her craft kits on; so please if you are looking for buying economical craft kits please do check her store out! Supporting each other is what we do best 🙂

11 thoughts on “Retrospection

  1. Veens, I am glad you will be blogging about books again, even though I enjoyed your other posts, too. I think you can mix a lot in with the book posts. Anyway, welcome back to the book blogging world! I think that your children will follow your lead and become great readers. Social media wise, I’ve been enjoying Instagram more than Facebook these days. 🙂

  2. Yay, books! I keep meaning to do picture book posts and they always fall by the wayside. Thanks for the link to Child-Led Chaos. It looks like I’ll have a funtime exploring it!

  3. Yay! It’s great you are back to doing book reviews again. But 300 books? Wow, that’s a pretty ambitious goal. All the best in achieving it 😀

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