Challenge, RIP IV

RIP IV Wrap-Up

I would have loved to say that doing this challenge was so much FUN, but instead I am saying this challenge gave me the sense of accomplishment that I wanted to feel.
Because I Completed this one.
I signed up for Peril, the Second and here is my list –
The Girl who played with Fire  by Steig Larsson – though I read this before this challenge started, I thought I will include this here as it is just right for this challenge and put me into the modd for this setting. Love this series and Loved this one too!
Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer – This one was not what i expected. This didn’t give em the CHILLS that it promised 🙂 But I kind of enjoyed Heyer’s writing, her homor and subtle sarcasm. Great characters but predictable!
Soul Catcher by Leigh Bridger – A soul Catcher, a Soul Hunter, party of Angels and Boons and then a freaking, cruel deamon.. there you go! I fanally read something that sometimes gave me the small creeps. 🙂
Thank You Carl, it was GREAT, finally finishing one challenge I signed up for!

I am in for the next RIP :o), when is it really?!

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