Setting Goals: May 2014

May 6, 2014 11 By admin

Where did April go?

This month long, Aarya has holidays! Β I had huge plans for these holidays, awesome bucket lists, swimming classes, tennis and what not! But when I took him to swimming classes (my mind told me, he was ready); he totally refused! My water-loving, pool-loving babe refused to go into the pool. I almost forced him into it; before stopping myself and remembering something my Hubs had told me sometime ago – ” Summer holidays for us meant – Β lazy days, doing what we wanted, and loads of outdoors… nothing planned just plain ole’ fun!”.

When did I forget that! It was the same for me too! Why was I pushing my son into activities when he should just be enjoying himself? Was it peer-pressure, it is the trend right now and I was really just going with the flow.

'#Dream Big' #Giraffe Print

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So my goal this months are as usual, simple –


* Let him be.

* Try out more projects from all over the web(pinterest-ing)

* Get Outdoors

* Read more books and do related activities!

* Try to be screen-free as much as possible which is a challenge because my Hubs really needs his TV-time, video-time, game-time.

*Mom and kid yoga club – this an idea I am working on right now.


Maybe if I can, squeeze in a play-date with his wonderful friends!