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Shorty Talks: The Little Match Girl by H.C. Andersen

This is considered as one of the famous Christmas fairy tales.
It is a very small tale which tucks at your heart. It is a mix of tragedy and beauty woven excellently together. 
There is so much hope there and there is so much pain, you will “feel” this story and it will sure leave a lasting impression on you. I have never read this story as a kid and I wonder how I would have felt then. 
I found this review at by Esther Lombardi and I think she beautifully potrays my thoughts about this little piece – 

The story is famous not only because of its poignant tragedy, but also because of its beauty. Our imagination (and literature) can give us comfort, solace, and reprieve from so many of life’s hardships. But, literature can also act as a reminder of personal responsibility.

I found a lovely illustrated version also.. go here to see it.
“It isn’t the big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little ones.”— Jean Webster

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  1. Oh, Veens, I loved this story as a child. It always brought tears to my eyes. I wonder if it still will. Thanks for the link (should I add it to my "Sundry Short Stories" post?).

  2. I love H. C. Anderson and this one is so sad. Every time I read it, I keep holding out for a happy ending. Which I guess it kind of has but the poor little girl has to suffer so much first.

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