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Shorty Talks: Zorian by Alex Henderson

Zorian by Alex Henderson was published on Fifty-Two Stories this week. I seldom read stories on this site. Mostly I would just bookmark some that would interest me, for later reading. And I do this by reading the 1st few paragraphs.

SO was the case with this one, but unlike other stories, I could not stop, I had to know what happened, and I do hope you read it too.

Synopsis (I will try my best to just let you enough without spilling out everything)

Hector’s 4th grade class had a new and peculiar student named Zorian. He had just moved here from Boise in Bilbao(Spain), spoke no English and he wore a jacket with Futbol written on it. But weird of all one of his hands was always in his pocket, and everyone thought he had some secret he had to hide. Hector found out that very first day, that Zorian had a peculiar disease..

Even in the chill December air, I felt his hand through both of our gloves. The sensation shocked the strength out of my fist.

His hand was frozen solid.

Zorian suffered from Frojsa’s Disease , which froze vital parts of his body. It started with left hand, reached his elbow and so on. This did not make any difference between there friendship, they became really good friends, and both competed well in the soccer games! But his regular check-ups, hospital visits started getting into there way. This story is essentially about the friendship that Hector and Zorian had. How Zorian hung on to life when any of us would just give in.

I really like this line…which is a thought in Hector’s mind when he says to Zorian that he should not feel bad that others were not talking to him, but just staring…

But he just chuckled. “They never did. They haven’t since we were kidsh on the playground.In the back of my mind I heard the second, silent half of his thought: I stopped letting it hurt me long ago; you should, too.

I have never heard of this disease, but it really was scary hearing about it. I hope you guys read this very short, touching story!

Read it online @ FiftyTwo Stories Site.

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