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Simplest Christmas tree ornament

As I have already mentioned, Aarya’s school wants us to send ornaments for there class CHristmas tree. And while I see many many parents rushing to the store to buy them, I chose to make our own.
We used –
Green Sparkly foam (20 Rs 1 sheet)
Christmas tree shaped emblishments (2 Rs for a small packet of assorted colors)
Leftover sequins from previous projects.
and Glue-loving boy 🙂

We used just half of the A4 sized foam sheet, drew a Chistmas treeand cut it out. Using the sharp scissor edge I made a holeto thread the ribbon.
Then just gave glue and all the embelishment to Aarya to what he wanted and as usual, he was interested in squirting the glue way more than adding the small Christmas trees. He ended up doing 50 % of it, and I did a bit too so that he just would continue. We left it to dry and then threaded a ribbon.

Tada! There you have it one of the simplest ornament 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Simplest Christmas tree ornament

  1. That’s really smart. I prefer your way, of creating and not buying. My son is just over 2 years old and we are going to start doing crafts pretty soon. So far, we have just been painting and playing with dough [the real dough, not the play dough].

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