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Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks and Why are they are great Pre – STEM toy

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

If you have been following along, I have been talking about giving thoughtful toys as gifts to kids! Wooden Building Blocks is one of my favourite open- ended building toy and Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks Toys are not only beautiful but thoughtfully made!! Skola’s Wooden Blocks are such a simple toy but they help toddlers to develop such a wide array of total development – from intellectual to motor skills to language to socio-emotional – how you ask? just read on!

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

What are Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks?

Skola's Wooden Building BlocksThis toy comes as a Set of 50 wooden blocks of various shapes arranged in a wooden tray and packed in an elegant printed Skola Doodle Box. Comes with a detailed instruction manual as well, but I suggest not to show the kids any manual, and let them explore and work their way through it.

How to use Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks?

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

Block Play not only works on their motor skills, it also works on so many other development areas of a tot! Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks are my goto wooden blocks of choice!


  1. Toddlers at first explore through touch, they understand weight, they understand the texture, before they work on balancing.
  2. Toddlers then learn about the different shapes associated with each block. If the kiddo is interested this will be a good time to introduce the name of these shapes.
  3. Work on vocabulary by talking about whether the block is heavy or light; big or small; wide or tall; dump; stack; and so on. Child – led language development always results in positive results
  4. Most toddlers [ including both my kids] are interested in kicking/smashing down the block tower we make. This is a development cue and use this to work on the tots hand-eye coordination, can she break the block tower with a bat; if she can – give her a ball and move her away and work on her aim and coordination. [ Don’t pursue if she gets frustrated, that means she isn’t ready so give it time and try again later]
  5. According to research it is proved that the toddlers who play with blocks at an early stage [as young as 2 or 3] are proven to do well in Math. How? Wooden Blocks are great toys to develop spatial awareness, an important precursor to Geometry!

3 year olds

  1. You will see that a preschooler plays very differently than a toddler and most of the time that destructive edge would disappear and this little kiddo would start making simple constructions
  2. Encourage pretend play and Skola’s Wooden Blocks
  3. They are learning concepts such as sorting, ordering, counting, one to one correspondence, size and shape

4 – 5 year olds

“Block play shows the opportunity for conceptual understanding in the area of structural engineering as children explore forces of gravity, compression, tension and the relationship between materials and successful design to achieve balance, stability, and even aesthetic sensibility.”

 “Constructive Play” written by Walter Frew

  1. 4- 5 year olds become more expressive and their constructions are more impressive, and a lot of thought is put into them!
  2. Constructive play involves play that is more open- ended and exploratory
  3. Socially, four and five year olds are beginning to share ideas and are starting to cooperate and build with others
  4. One can see that the kids start clubbing the blocks with other toys like people – figurines to expand the possibilities!
  5. They are learning patterns, classification, sequencing, counting, fractions, problem solving and more.
  6. At this stage parents can introduce the 3D shapes and names of those like cone, cylinder, sphere etc!

What can Parents do to Encourage the kids

Parents who engage in active play through creative exploration with any material have a more positive impact on kids and thus encourage the kids to do the same. SO keeps those phones away and get down on the floor and build and play! It is also important because parents who play develop an understanding and appreciation of play!

5 Ways to Extend kids Play with Skola’s Wooden Building blocks right now –  

Free open ended play is the best way to play with bock, but we can extend and include some learning by doing these simple yet intentional activities with kids!

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

  1. They tray already has the 2D shapes printed on the tray holding the blocks for a matching activity. I also love the fact that in addition to matching, this also encourages the kids to sort and keep it neatly back, a big positive for parents following Montessori Parenting, schooling.Skola's wooden building blocks
  2. For toddlers, who are just starting out draw the 2 D shapes on a paper a little far apart and let them match the basic shapes. If you are just starting out, start with just 3 or 5 shapes and then increase
  3. The Fill in Game – Create a rectangular boundary and challenge your preschooler to fill it with blocks without leaving any space between these blocks. This encourage creative thinking
  4. Make letters with the shapes, for an easy Alphabet activity!
  5. Encourage the kids to make a maze with the blocks, and then move a marble or a ball or anything through this maze without touching the blacks. Lots of coordinations and quick thinking required to do this one!

If you need more convincing on why Skola’s wooden building blocks are such great Pre- STEM toys, don’t forget to read my post on Toys that prepare the youngest of kids for STEM Learning!

Block play is fundamental to the growth and development of children.  It is an activity which should be a part of every child’s experience throughout the early years.

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks
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