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Snow Painting – 3 ways

Last year we did a S for Snow, snowman unit and it was a HUG hit. That time, after reading Snowman by Richard Briggs we did this Snow Painting which Aarya loved too (which we did again for Valentine’s day as well!), so I decided we would do it again.

This time I cut out green trees before hand and glued them to a black construction paper and let him hit it with a snow storm (lol)

Yep, those trees are wonky, thanks to my cutting skills. The bouncy ball is already rolling the white paint.

This was so much FUN! I wanted to do it too.

2) Toothbrush Painting. We continued with the same background but this time used a toothbrush to “spray” snow. This turned out more realistic and aarya realized it was not easy for him to do it. It took some tries to get it right but then he mastered it, we had snow all over the place. Β πŸ™‚

The tiny toothbrush made tiny snow drops on the black paper. It was really cute, but tedious for Aarya. Maybe we will get a bigger brush next time.

3. While packing food for Aarya’s father’s lunch, I after a long time used foil to wrap his rotis (I usually give him rice), Aarya wanted to play with the foil right then. As I was busy, I told him he had to wait. So after we were done painting, I gave him the foil to explore, and as expected he crunched it all up. Afterwards he dipped it into paint and well we had “snow mountains”. Really he started with dabbing the paint with the foil, then he just spread it all up – at one point I was sure the paper would tear up – but it did hold up and Aarya Snow mountains looked really lovely. He even pointed out Snowman, which I could not see; but it was there πŸ™‚

The painting all hung up,

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S is for Snow/SnowmanΒ Unit which included pattern blocks S, Snowflake painting using lids, Snowman making using cloud dough and much more!

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We are going to be doing some of these activities and some more this year πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “Snow Painting – 3 ways

  1. Veens, what an exuberant art project! Your son’s happiness is wonderful and his talent is terrific.
    I have been away but am now back to blogging. Happy 2014 to you and your family and readers!

    1. The first few pics are from a place in our room that has that black granite πŸ™‚ which normally cleans off better than any other surface- i love to do ALL our messy work there lol! And that T Shirt is an old one but was a favorite – he now goes to another school – so now you know I am not the patient kind lol! πŸ™‚

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