This is going to be a short post where I apologize for failing in the 31 Shots of Shock!

On Sunday early morning, one of our family friend’s 26 year old son died in a car accident while returning from his birthday party… it was terrible news. But most terrible thing was to see the mom crying and I really felt for the family… so these past few days I have not been really able to concentrate and read or do anything in particular.

However I will definitely restart the shots of shock today 🙂

To end on a Happy thought… here is a pic of Aarya wearing his elephant cap and guinea pig shoes and Thailand Tee – all gifts from his Grandparents who visited Bangkok last week. 🙂 Got to tell you his cap and his shoes seem to invariably end up in his mouth 😀


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the passing away of such a young man, too. Wishing for peace and strength for his family.

    Aarya looks very, very cute in that outfit. Loved the cap and the shoes.

  2. Oh Veens…no need to apologize for something like this. What a tragedy and I’m so sorry that this happened. I know what you mean about it being hard seeing your parents so upset.

    Aarya is a doll. Those guinea pig shoes are the cutest!

  3. Sorry to hear your news. There is no need whatsoever for you to apologise, something like this must come as a huge shock and you must take all the time you need.

    How cute does Aarya look? What doting grandparents he has.

  4. Your heart would have broken for that family anyway but since you’ve become a mother, doesn’t it feel that much worse? I just cannot imagine losing one of my children.

  5. That is so terrible about your friend’s son. It is hard to wrap your head around why senseless things like that happen, especially to people so young.

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