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Sunday Pictures

Hello Everyone! Hopefully you are all realxing and having fun on this cold Sunday Morning! I am mostly sleepy today and reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol. I am going to discuss that one soon with you guys so keep an eye on this blog 😉 🙂

So as on almost all my Sundays, here are some pics that I would love to share with you 🙂

This little doggy followed us, when we were in Coorg. I LOVE dogs and I am sure they have a way of sensing if they are liked and if they are, they start following you 🙂

So I gave it my packet of Kurkure! Now before you ask me what is Kurkure, here is the pic of the delicious snack cover 🙂

Next we have here is a boat and this one was taken in Kerala. Can you believe men actually go in that and fish and all that? I can’t even think of fitting in it 😉

This next pic is of a shed for boats 🙂

And that’s a lake flowing near to my mom’s ancestral place in Kerala. It is beautiful! Mom says that when they were kids, they had no roads to come to this place and they used to travel by boats! That’s interesting right?!
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