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Toy Kraft – Review

Happy Children’s Day to all my friends. Our kids generally celebrate Children’s day, essentially everyday; but it is us who need these days to remind us of the child in us 🙂 I constantly share the number of crafts or arts activity that we do with the kids. These are done on days, that I call nice days. But then there are many, many days where I get nothing done. There are many reasons why we didn’t do, but one of the main reasons is always – getting all the supplies

Book Love: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

I had this on our wishlist for a long time and recently at a sale event I got it for real cheap 🙂 🙂 In the stash of books, Aarya did not pick it up. Today I asked him he would like to read this (after reading his favorites, of course) and he said yes! So we did.. and then I read it again and just one more time. He liked it… especially little Bill who cries “I want Mommy!” 🙂 After reading, as was the norm (on days when

Book Love: Little Blue Truck

Has there ever been a book, that you coveted for a really LONG time knowing with utmost surety that your little one will enjoy it; and finally when you get it, that little person totally IGNORES it? Well this happened with Little Blue Truck. The number one thing that has been so hard for me in this parenting gig, is the acceptance that your little one is a actually a little person, different from you, has his own mind and tastes and definitely has ideas of his own about

Book Love: If you give a Mouse a Cookie

This month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids Author was  Laura Numeroff and we read If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by the author, which is a very cute book on cause and effect! Aarya really likes this book and this week I intentionally added up some activities to tie up with our readings! Activity: Math I cut out circles from a thick brown paper bag (cookie) and wrote numbers on it, I made another set with numbers represented as dots. First Aarya put the cookies inthe right order from 1

Join the #Simpleplay Challenge

I was supposed to post about this a week back, I had it all thought out but then I went ahead and goofed up! I forgot. Yeo, I did! And then got reminded while seeing some posts on Instagram (follow me there) on 6th!  Today was my Sonography to check on the growth of our babe and she is kicking me out a lot (lol) and is (by God’s grace) growing well 🙂 And because after my recent fall (I fell on my bum!) this is just the best-est news

Snow Painting – 3 ways

Last year we did a S for Snow, snowman unit and it was a HUG hit. That time, after reading Snowman by Richard Briggs we did this Snow Painting which Aarya loved too (which we did again for Valentine’s day as well!), so I decided we would do it again. This time I cut out green trees before hand and glued them to a black construction paper and let him hit it with a snow storm (lol) This was so much FUN! I wanted to do it too. 2) Toothbrush

Crepe Paper bleeding Art Paper Ornaments

I saw this tissue paper bleeding art on Imagination tree‘s blog and knew we had to try it, but the problem was we did not have bleeding tissue paper variety. So I decided we could try it out with Crepe  Paper instead! Here is what we used – Red and green Crepe Paper ( Christmas theme) Thick watercolor paper ( I got my sheet at the local store and I told him I wanted A3 size thick drawing paper and he gave me this, which works nicely anyways!) A spray

Popsicle Ornaments we made

We decided we could make more ornaments for school, and decided to make Popsicle ornaments inspired from the 2 of my pins on Pinterest – this one from Kindergarten Rocks! and this one from Dilly Dally Art!All you need – 4 Popsicle sticks (or ice cream sticks)- I go a set for 5 Rs silver tempera paint (mine came from the Rangeela assortment pack – 20 Rs) Paper glitter assortment (our set was 25 Rs and had 5 colors, we used just blue) 1 gem – (you can buy an assortment of this from

Christmas Card

I did my schooling in a Convent school and I have loved everything about Christmas since my school days. At school, we had this giant tree, which the sisters (Nuns/Teachers) decorated, sang carols (some of which I still remember) and went to Church, just to see its beauty. The spirit of Christmas, the goodness and the magic has someway of rubbing on you, even if you just watch it from a distance 🙂 Unfortunately,  Aarya doesn’t have the good fortune of going to a school but in his current school

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