#A2ZofReadingAloud – Born to Read – Baby Books and More

The number of questions I receive weekly are mostly from new Moms, all very eager to start Reading Aloud, but don’t know where to start!   I love the eagerness, and the need to do it right, and I also realise that we are surrounded by thousands of books available for babies, so how does one choose and which ones will form the long term bond and many more questions. Let’s find out – When do I start reading to Babies? here is no right or wrong time to read to your bubba. Research says that, babies in 3rd trimester Continue Reading

#A2ZofReadingAloud – Appreciating the Reading Aloud Experience

Reading Aloud is not science, it is a natural consequence of a parent’s need to show the beautiful world of books to their children. If you love books, it is something that you would do. But what if you aren’t a reader at all, then reading aloud is a task, and not the merry enjoyment that one would expect. My top 10 reasons to Read Aloud? My first answer, is always because it is fun. But there are so many more benefits to reading aloud for kids, and later with kids. Reading aloud helps our kids understand how to use language Continue Reading

Bye Bye Mom

This post “Bye Bye Mom” is Part of the #AtoZBlogchatter April 2018 challenge! Read all my posts for the challenge here! There are few times when you have to be a mom! Your natural instinct is one that you use almost daily. But I have felt really awesome when I take the Mom Hat and keep it aside for awhile and be a kid with the kids. The days become more fun, when I act like a kid with my kids. So for Letter ‘ B ‘ for the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge, I am telling you to set the Mom Cap Continue Reading

The Awesome Mindset

This post “The Awesome Mindset” is Part of the #AtoZBlogchatter April 2018 challenge! Read all my posts for the challenge Has anyone, in the middle of the night got a brilliant idea, and all they want to do is write about it? I was participating in Blogchatters A to Z challenge and right in the middle of the challenge I feel the need to change my theme  [ luckily I wrote only 2] to “ How to constructively and intentionally spend time with your kids”. Being a stay at home mom, I keep telling myself that I spend a lot of Continue Reading

Bumboo – The Donkey who wouldn’t Budge by Sujatha Padmanabhan

Do you know of a Donkey named Bumboo? He lives in Ladakh with his little friend Padma and her family! Bumboo helps Padma’s family in many ways and lives with many other animals in a pen next to where Padma and her family lives. Bumboo loves Padma and she him. But Bumboo was different from other Donkeys, and Padma notices it first. Bumboo behaved oddly the minute Sun went down, he would just fall down on his knees whereever he is and wouldn’t budge from their till the next morning. After an incident, Padma’s father calls Bumboo useless, and decides Continue Reading

Alphabet of Animals and Birds by Prabha Mallaya

I have spent the entire day wondering what I could do for the A to Z Challelenge! I had a long time to prepare, but I was so undecided and just as I was about to give up, [ like the universe decided to send me a secret message ] I saw Kung Fu Panda 3! And after that bout of wonderful motivation – I am here to talk about Prabha Mallaya’s absolutely Delightful book The Alphabet of Animal and Birds. Prabha Mallaya is an illustrator and comics creator! And even though she has illustrated many books. The Alphabets of Continue Reading