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Book Love: THE PLEASANT RAKSHASA by Sowmya Rajendran

The Pleasant Rakshasa story : Sowmya Rajendran pictures : Niveditha Subramaniam Tulika Publishers Blurb: Karimuga is a rakshasa, a pleasant rakshasa. He is a beautiful rakshasa too. But that makes all other rakshasas jealous of him. ┬áKarimuga can’t bear to see them unhappy… Sowmya Rajendran inverts our ideas about beauty, happiness and rakshasas with humour and a light touch. Niveditha’s quirky pictures have little and big rakshasas romp through the pages, in pinks and purples, blues and greens, adding to the fun. I have been eyeing this book for quite

Book Love: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

I had this on our wishlist for a long time and recently at a sale event I got it for real cheap ­čÖé ­čÖé In the stash of books, Aarya did not pick it up. Today I asked him he would like to read this (after reading his favorites, of course) and he said yes! So we did.. and then I read it again and just one more time. He liked it… especially little Bill who cries “I want Mommy!” ­čÖé After reading, as was the norm (on days when

Book Love: Little Blue Truck

Has there ever been a book, that you coveted for a really LONG time knowing with utmost surety that your little one will enjoy it; and finally when you get it, that little person totally IGNORES it? Well this happened with Little Blue Truck. The number one thing that has been so hard for me in this parenting gig, is the acceptance that your little one is a actually a little person, different from you, has his own mind and tastes and definitely has ideas of his own about

Book Love: If you give a Mouse a Cookie

This month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids Author was┬á┬áLaura Numeroff and we read If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by the author, which is a very cute book on cause and effect! Aarya really likes this book and this week I intentionally added up some activities to tie up with our readings! Activity: Math I cut out circles from a thick brown paper bag (cookie) and wrote numbers on it, I made another set with numbers represented as dots. First Aarya put the cookies inthe right order from 1

Book Love – The Snowman by Richard Briggs

I bought “Step into Reading” book version of this book and instantly┬áregretted┬ádoing it ­čÖü It is, but a sad copy of the original. But we watched this video, which was amazing! This is such a beautiful story! I love it and Aarya really enjoyed it too ­čÖé┬áTo accompany this book we did this rather fun but lovely “Snowman on the Globe” art which I saw on Pinterest. Please excuse the “sauce” on the face look. The minute he saw the ball and white paint, he just wanted to dive right

Book Love: What Should I Make?

Aarya is not much into playdough and I think it is a beautiful and powerful medium for kids and also very good activity for his tiny fingers. So to encourage him, I bought What Should I Make? by Nandini Nayar from Tulika books. Priced only at 75Rs, this is affordable and the illustrations are beautiful as well. In the story, Neeraj’s Mom is making Rotis (Tortillas) and gives him a small piece from the dough to play with. What all can Neeraj make out of it, is the simple but

Book Love: Hooray For Fish

Hooray for Fish by Lucy COusins is everything a picture book should be. It is big, bright and has lovely illustrations. Little fish is taking you on a journey to meet all his friends who include, curly-whirly, 1, 2, 3, pineapple fish, grumpy fish, scary fish to name only a few. It is a beautiful book. Aarya did not want to look at when we first bought it a month back, but now after seeing a lot of fish, eating them – he showed a lot of interest in this

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