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#Christmasbooksforkids – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I can’t believe December 1 just rolled by! And we did not forget to read How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Suess! Why, didn’t you know? December 1 is Grinch Day! And unlike every year, this year we are celebrating GrinchMAS!!During holidays I focus mostly on giving gifts that my children will love. The idea of Diwali, Christmas and many other festivals, we celebrate is not just gifts, it is never *just* the gifts actually. So this year forth, for every festival, I will try to focus on all the good we

Tissue Paper Collage Votive Candle Holders

If you go to Pinterest there are a whole lot of places you can find this; I wanted to do this for Diwali, but then that time gets so crazy busy, I hardly find time to do any craft at all! So after the Crepe Paper Bleeding Art came out real nice, I was inspired to do this with Aarya over this weekend. Sadly, Aarya’s Dad was sick and we needed to leave him alone so that he could get his rest – so his was one of the things

Crepe Paper bleeding Art Paper Ornaments

I saw this tissue paper bleeding art on Imagination tree‘s blog and knew we had to try it, but the problem was we did not have bleeding tissue paper variety. So I decided we could try it out with Crepe  Paper instead! Here is what we used – Red and green Crepe Paper ( Christmas theme) Thick watercolor paper ( I got my sheet at the local store and I told him I wanted A3 size thick drawing paper and he gave me this, which works nicely anyways!) A spray

Popsicle Ornaments we made

We decided we could make more ornaments for school, and decided to make Popsicle ornaments inspired from the 2 of my pins on Pinterest – this one from Kindergarten Rocks! and this one from Dilly Dally Art!All you need – 4 Popsicle sticks (or ice cream sticks)- I go a set for 5 Rs silver tempera paint (mine came from the Rangeela assortment pack – 20 Rs) Paper glitter assortment (our set was 25 Rs and had 5 colors, we used just blue) 1 gem – (you can buy an assortment of this from

Christmas+Superheroes – Super fun!

On a lazy Saturday morning, if your kiddo is more into Superheroes and you hope to review some letter sounds with him (for school on Monday), what do you do? You combine the things he loves and make sure he doesn’t realize he is learning 🙂 I recently downloaded this amazing freebie, Superhero Pack  (here is a list of her other preschool packs, if you do not know it already) from 123 Homeschool For Me  for our little man. I knew he would LOVE it and I was not wrong. I printed

Simplest Christmas tree ornament

As I have already mentioned, Aarya’s school wants us to send ornaments for there class CHristmas tree. And while I see many many parents rushing to the store to buy them, I chose to make our own. We used – Green Sparkly foam (20 Rs 1 sheet) Christmas tree shaped emblishments (2 Rs for a small packet of assorted colors) Leftover sequins from previous projects. Ribbon Glue and Glue-loving boy 🙂 We used just half of the A4 sized foam sheet, drew a Chistmas treeand cut it out. Using the

Christmas Card

I did my schooling in a Convent school and I have loved everything about Christmas since my school days. At school, we had this giant tree, which the sisters (Nuns/Teachers) decorated, sang carols (some of which I still remember) and went to Church, just to see its beauty. The spirit of Christmas, the goodness and the magic has someway of rubbing on you, even if you just watch it from a distance 🙂 Unfortunately,  Aarya doesn’t have the good fortune of going to a school but in his current school

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