Finding Rhythm in the everyday

  There is a rhythm to our everyday... or I must change the tense on that one and say, there was a rhythm to our days. It has gone kaput ever since our darling daughter made her grand entry! I struggle with getting the simplest of things, done; there is so much clutter all of... Continue Reading →

{this moment}

{this moment} She listens in rapt attention to his airplane stories and Jungle safaris! Even when we all fight for her attention, he seems to have her unobstructed attention every time, each time. Some days these airplanes and bikes do crash right on her and I panic and yell, but his kind soul forgives me... Continue Reading →

Our princess

  I have been absent from my little space for a while. ... and there is a reason. . A very good reason. .   Those of you who follow me on Instagram or are my friends on Facebook, already know of this. God answered our prayers, ¬†he blessed our family..our our little baby orange... Continue Reading →

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