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Making Alphabet Soup

#simpleplay I am sure there is someone who has done this before. For Aarya, it was just his favorite water play idea. I included some spoons and utensils from the kitchen and tiny alphabets and we made soup. [ #nofiller pictures this time] I let him play, really. I watched in quite amazement as he made *his soups*. I listened to him *pretend* talk. I did not interrupt. I had my much-needed quiet time/ snuggles with my precious girlie. I now know that I need to incorporate some sort of

Book Love: Little Blue Truck

Has there ever been a book, that you coveted for a really LONG time knowing with utmost surety that your little one will enjoy it; and finally when you get it, that little person totally IGNORES it? Well this happened with Little Blue Truck. The number one thing that has been so hard for me in this parenting gig, is the acceptance that your little one is a actually a little person, different from you, has his own mind and tastes and definitely has ideas of his own about

Crepe Paper bleeding Art Paper Ornaments

I saw this tissue paper bleeding art on Imagination tree‘s blog and knew we had to try it, but the problem was we did not have bleeding tissue paper variety. So I decided we could try it out with Crepe  Paper instead! Here is what we used – Red and green Crepe Paper ( Christmas theme) Thick watercolor paper ( I got my sheet at the local store and I told him I wanted A3 size thick drawing paper and he gave me this, which works nicely anyways!) A spray

Popsicle Ornaments we made

We decided we could make more ornaments for school, and decided to make Popsicle ornaments inspired from the 2 of my pins on Pinterest – this one from Kindergarten Rocks! and this one from Dilly Dally Art!All you need – 4 Popsicle sticks (or ice cream sticks)- I go a set for 5 Rs silver tempera paint (mine came from the Rangeela assortment pack – 20 Rs) Paper glitter assortment (our set was 25 Rs and had 5 colors, we used just blue) 1 gem – (you can buy an assortment of this from

Christmas+Superheroes – Super fun!

On a lazy Saturday morning, if your kiddo is more into Superheroes and you hope to review some letter sounds with him (for school on Monday), what do you do? You combine the things he loves and make sure he doesn’t realize he is learning 🙂 I recently downloaded this amazing freebie, Superhero Pack  (here is a list of her other preschool packs, if you do not know it already) from 123 Homeschool For Me  for our little man. I knew he would LOVE it and I was not wrong. I printed

Simple Math Activity for Letter D

D is for Dump-Truck and we used some amazing printables from Royal Baloo’s Zooming-Moving Alphabet series; they are a HUGE hit with Aarya. To accompany that we did a very simply maths activity involving his favorite Dump-Truck. All you need is 1 Dump truck, few cubes ( it can be oother things as well such as Dinosaurs(?)) Number tiles, blocks (anything , really) What I did? I placed a number a cube in a tray, I asked Aarya that the office on the other side requires 5 cubes, could he

Favorite activities #1

We had lot of things going on in our lives and the important thing is I am expecting our second baby.. and hopefully with God’s blessing, baby will be here in Feb-March. We changed our residence, Aarya’s school and my husband’s job…. just roller-coaster ride kind of year 🙂 Now that we have finally settled down into a routine, I feel I can get back to blogging. Here are a couple of favorite activities of Aarya from across the web (tried and approved by my 3 and a half year

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