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Play Shifu Space Explorer Box – Review

After we tried our Play Shifu Travel box and had loads of fun, we decided to try Play Shifu Space Explorer Box! We are having a lot of fun with our Play Shifu Space Explorer Box, and here is our review of it!   Unravel the Cosmic Mysteries with the Play Shifu Space Explorer Box!!  And as expected after our great experience with Play Shifu’s Travel Box this was super hit with Aarya, we had a field day with his favorite Space Box We have been using PLAY SHIFU’s SPACE

Game review: Kids Act by United Toys

Recently while I was at a store figuring out what to buy as a birthday gift for a 5 yr old, I saw many people buying loads of *commercialized* (read Chotta Bheem, Ben 10 etc) gear as birthday gifts. I have nothing against these if they are also educational but most of these are not and there is a dearth of reviews available online telling you what is educational, fun, age appropriate as well as economical to buy as gifts for your loved ones or friends or anyone at all.

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