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Write 31 days: Tip #4

Write 31 days – How NOT to kill the reading habit in kids with Book Recommendations for boys Tip #1 – Even if the book he selects is a book you do not think has any “value”; do NOT discourage! Tip#2 -Let them abuse the book Tip #3 – Do not offer reading instead of screen time. Tip #4 – Do not Give up on your Children, they need you more than you will ever know. Every book I bring into the home is outright rejected. Feeling dejected and annoyed, I

Finding Rhythm in the everyday

  There is a rhythm to our everyday… or I must change the tense on that one and say, there was a rhythm to our days. It has gone kaput ever since our darling daughter made her grand entry! I struggle with getting the simplest of things, done; there is so much clutter all of a sudden, the disorganization is frustrating; the ridiculousness of it all is eating into my sanity. It is bothering me no end. There is more TV – my distraction-specialist (sorry Aarya!). I spend more time searching

Feburary Goals

January just flew by, did it not? I had written about my January goals some of which I really did do well and some of which I completely ignored and am taking forward to February. Here is what I did or did not do on my January goals – I did do a LOT of decluttering… I really wanted to make space for all the baby stuff. But I am still working on decluttering/ organizing Aarya’s stuff. This is war, my friends! Going out to play everyday has been a

New Year: A New Slate

With all the New Year resolutions, last year reflections and last year best posts and stuff like that popping up everywhere in the blog-hemisphere, I am feeling a bit stumped. I had a very bad year, blogging – wise. I was lazy, crazy and whiny-mina-mo (the last word has no meaning). I let blogging take back-seat totally and really did not do anything much productive except, of course getting pregnant and cribbing how difficult it is been ever since (compared to when I was pregnant with Aarya, where I had

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