Gross Motor Week Challenge Week 2

This was a fun week and we had a few holidays in between. I got Aarya to join Gymnastics classes and his batch starts on 16th this month, he is really excited about it though. They do not have much of the Gymnastics but lot of basic exercises and rolling around and jumping and such stuff. I... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Gross Motor–Week 1

I was hoping to have a good week with a huge list of activities that Aarya and I did together, but **sigh**, Aarya was not amused when I asked him to do a Jumping Jacks or dance on a Wild Music. I learned he just doesn't like me to tell him what he should do.... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Gross-Motor Challenge.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the in-house activities that I can do with Aarya so as to burn a lot of his energy and have a TV-free day. So when I read about Royal Baloo and 3 Dinosaurs hosting a challenge I decided to take this one up.  I love challenges and Cassie has a... Continue Reading →

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