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Making Alphabet Soup

#simpleplay I am sure there is someone who has done this before. For Aarya, it was just his favorite water play idea. I included some spoons and utensils from the kitchen and tiny alphabets and we made soup. [ #nofiller pictures this time] I let him play, really. I watched in quite amazement as he made *his soups*. I listened to him *pretend* talk. I did not interrupt. I had my much-needed quiet time/ snuggles with my precious girlie. I now know that I need to incorporate some sort of

Join the #Simpleplay Challenge

I was supposed to post about this a week back, I had it all thought out but then I went ahead and goofed up! I forgot. Yeo, I did! And then got reminded while seeing some posts on Instagram (follow me there) on 6th!  Today was my Sonography to check on the growth of our babe and she is kicking me out a lot (lol) and is (by God’s grace) growing well 🙂 And because after my recent fall (I fell on my bum!) this is just the best-est news

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