Dino week Contd…

Rainy Days are here to stay for the next few months so we are having more indoor days now. Indoor days = not so happy Aarya because he loves outdoors. **sigh** The first post in the Dinosaur post can be found here. I made Dino eggs inspired by a post at Projects for Preschoolers--- pinned... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Week!

I finally gave into Aarya's new love, Dinosaurs! And decided to go about designing his time around this Dino theme 🙂 Starting off with a Sensory bin 🙂 This was a last-minute assemble 🙂 I put in - 1) A tub with Flour + cocoa+ water = yummy-smelling-mud. 2) A smaller tub of water with... Continue Reading →

Winter fun continued – Snow sifting.

Here is the 1st post in this series. **These posts were written in Jan-Feb, but due to some real bad things happening followed by my exams, I was not able to post these. ** To follow-up on the winter activities. This is another sensory activity that we did. The idea is from Montessori Moments(link to... Continue Reading →

Tot School – S is for Snow/Snowman

I started doing Alphabets with Aarya sometime back but I never did "themes" with him. This was before I was a "Pinterest addict", now I follow a LOT of blogs religiously who have helped me design and given me the courage to do a theme with Aarya 🙂 I decided "S" was the best alphabet... Continue Reading →

Tot School

There are multiple blogs I follow and I have been most influenced by 1+1+1=1, Living Montessori Now, Confessions of a Homeschooler. I love these sites because they have comprehensive lists of lot of tot school ideas. In a bid to have some time for intentional playful learning, I have been doing tot trays with him... Continue Reading →

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