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‘All by Myself’ Activities

As we get ready for our new baby to arrive in Feb/March; I am constantly looking for ways to encourage independent activities, that are done solely by Aarya. We are starting slow, hopefully he will get the idea and start working on these soon. Here are this week’s activities, I helped him in most of these, but as I said we are starting slow and hopefully in the coming months, he will be able to do more independent work. 1)Letter Sound Activity Cards from Aarya needed a lot of help

Winter fun continued – Snow sifting.

Here is the 1st post in this series. **These posts were written in Jan-Feb, but due to some real bad things happening followed by my exams, I was not able to post these. ** To follow-up on the winter activities. This is another sensory activity that we did. The idea is from Montessori Moments(link to the winter activities post) who blogged about it in the ‘Sifting Snowflakes’ post. I had a feeling that Aarya would love it. Items we used – *salt with small alphabets (hidden) (snow) *sifter (from the kitchen)

Tot School – S is for Snow/Snowman

I started doing Alphabets with Aarya sometime back but I never did “themes” with him. This was before I was a “Pinterest addict”, now I follow a LOT of blogs religiously who have helped me design and given me the courage to do a theme with Aarya 🙂 I decided “S” was the best alphabet to do in Winter and “Snow” is a concept that Aarya just absolutely LOVES 🙂 We have never had snow here, but when I was in Northern states of India I have seen it. But

Book Love: What Should I Make?

Aarya is not much into playdough and I think it is a beautiful and powerful medium for kids and also very good activity for his tiny fingers. So to encourage him, I bought What Should I Make? by Nandini Nayar from Tulika books. Priced only at 75Rs, this is affordable and the illustrations are beautiful as well. In the story, Neeraj’s Mom is making Rotis (Tortillas) and gives him a small piece from the dough to play with. What all can Neeraj make out of it, is the simple but

Tot School

There are multiple blogs I follow and I have been most influenced by 1+1+1=1, Living Montessori Now, Confessions of a Homeschooler. I love these sites because they have comprehensive lists of lot of tot school ideas. In a bid to have some time for intentional playful learning, I have been doing tot trays with him for sometime. I read this post that Carisa from 1+1+1=1 had written. It is comprehensive and very beneficial. Carisa has also created a Tot School Page, which has everything in one place, so you can have access to all

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