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Taking yet another blog break!

Phew…. much awaited Rains have hit Mumbai and with it comess
– Aarya’s school reopens [ YAY! ]
– smelly, wet shoes [ if they dry, I can pack them up lol]
– cold but dried laundry – but there is that smell only SUN can take away!
– tons and tons of washing, and no place to put them all out
– my exams [ yep, my final and very last exams]

So to cope with the first and the last – I need a break. I had project presentation and Viva et all, and am happy to report, it went well.

Meanwhile follow me on Instagram, to see our daily life in action [ pics of my lovelies mostly, and maybe some other things in between)

So I will see you all in July… hopefully stressed and missing my blog 😉

We went to Adlabs Imagica this month, review to come in July 🙂 In short – we LOVED it.




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