The Awesome Mindset

April 11, 2018 0 By admin
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Has anyone, in the middle of the night got a brilliant idea, and all they want to do is write about it?

I was participating in Blogchatters A to Z challenge and right in the middle of the challenge I feel the need to change my theme  [ luckily I wrote only 2] to “ How to constructively and intentionally spend time with your kids”.

Being a stay at home mom, I keep telling myself that I spend a lot of time with my kids, so it is only fair that I get my time on Social Media, blog, Amazon Prime, or whatever is swinging my Fancy. The reason is solid, but the reasoning is not. Why, you ask? Well, in the 18 x 7 hours [ taking out 6 hours for sleep – its ok if you are sleep deprived, you can alter the math ], you spend with your child as a Stay- at – home mom – how much time do you actually spend observing him, or playing with him, or doing intentional activities with him? I keep visualizing my day, and I keep getting lines of buzz like “ Shh! Aarya – let me just finish commenting here!”; or “ Shhhh! Anjie is the time to throw a tantrum – like right now? I really need to finish watching this episode of “ how to get more blog followers” or “ I need to cooking “ – or “ I need to get laundry folded” and yada yada yada!


In all of this, did you sit down and watch / talk/ did something meaningful with your child today? I hope you say yes, but unfortunately from handling tantrum, to washing loads to caring for kids all the time and add sleep – deprived to the mix; it is very difficult to actually sit down and breathe!

awesome mindset

I want to encourage you to leave that laundry for an hour – and focus your energy on your piece of awesomeness because he deserves it! And I am going to tell you about my “ Awesome Mindset”! It is simply the feeling of being Awesome, Super, Amazing [ yep, even if your house looks like a mess, and you have no healthy food options or change of clothes ] – just think AWESOME. Close your eyes and chant “ I am Awesome”! With this mindset, plop your bubba down and do some meaningful activities or read or do something that keeps him happy and fills his bucket with love. Put that phone away, and have fun. Put on the music and dance. Don’t just watch him dance, dance with him. Let your complete focus be on him. Take out those swords, and have a Star wars Style fight – or go out and jump in puddles – together!

There are many free and easy activities you can do, but do not forget the Awesome Mindset!