THE HAPPY PRINCE by Oscar Wilde (manga)

The Happy Prince was published in the Anglo-Saxon journal "MangaQuake"

The Happy Prince is the title story from the collection “The Happy Prince and Other Stories” (original title: “The Happy Prince and Other Tales”) for children written by Oscar Wilde in 1888.
In the Happy Prince, a jeweled gold pleated statue of the Happy Prince is the center of attraction of the city. One day a migratory bird, who’s trip with the other birds in the clan is delayed because of its infatuation with a reed, comes to spend the night at the foot of this statue.  The Prince who has never seen ugliness like poverty and hunger is heart-broken. He wants to lesses the suffering of people and asks the Swallow to do him a favor by helping out those in despair.

It is a lovely story and I read it in the Manga form, which was done by Triluz. I am now a fan of this form of story-telling. I really need to get my hands on more Manga.

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