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The Museum by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

The Museum by Susan Verde

When I see a work of art, something happens in my heart! As a little girl tours and twirls through the halls of the art museum, she finds herself on an exciting adventure. Each piece of art evokes something new inside of her: silliness, curiosity, joy, and ultimately inspiration. When confronted with an empty white canvas, she is energized to create and express herself–which is the greatest feeling of all. With exuberant illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds, The Museum by Susan Verde playfully captures the many emotions experienced through the power of art, and each child’s unique creative process.

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The Museum by Susan Verde

The Museum by Susan Verde is a beautiful book about the feelings a kid goes through when visiting an Art Museum. My kids appreciate Art but we haven’t really been able to take them to an Art Museum, so this was a great way to have a peep inside an Art Museum. 

The Museum by Susan Verde

The texts are rhyming and are perfect for 4 year – olds to understand. Ms. 4 had a lot of questions about the artwork and who drew them, which made me realize that we should totally learn about some of the great Artists soon enough!

The Illustrations by The Dot author Peter H. Reynolds are warm and full of energy. I am sure the illustrations will leave a smile on your face and leave you all warm and happy after reading this one. There is no information about the paintings as such, but this book really talks about how the paintings make young kids feel. 

The Museum by Susan Verde is available on Amazon.in and also available to read on Kindle Unlimited to read on your devices.

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  1. N has just understood the concept of a museum thanks to Peppa Pig and has been asking us to take him to a museum. I think he will love this book!

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