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Toy Kraft – Review

Happy Children’s Day to all my friends. Our kids generally celebrate Children’s day, essentially everyday; but it is us who need these days to remind us of the child in us 🙂

I constantly share the number of crafts or arts activity that we do with the kids. These are done on days, that I call nice days. But then there are many, many days where I get nothing done. There are many reasons why we didn’t do, but one of the main reasons is always – getting all the supplies together. This gets harder when there is a festival just around the corner and me as a mom has to do gazillion other things and doing a craft activity is never a priority. The time invested in thinking up something, then going about finding supplies – gets so daunting that we never get anything done.

But what if there is a crafts kit, with everything you need for a particular activity right in it, neatly packed with instructions. Last Diwali, with all the hustle-bustle of getting everything done with a 4.5 year old and 7 month old in toe, was exhausting and when I was given Toy Kraft’s Sand Jigsaw Rangoli making kit and Glass Painted Candle Goblets for review, I was happy to accept. On such and many other days, when life is hectic, these kits are life and sanity savers.

About Toy Kraft

Pegasus ToyKraft Pvt. Ltd. with its brand offers a wide range of toys providing children with a stimulating platform that fosters personal expression and intellectual growth. The toys provide vistas in opening a child’s mind to new ideas and skills.
Innovation, design and vivid graphics are the hallmark of all the company’s products. Whether it is play or educational value in a preschool toy, assembling skills in a construction kit, creative ability in the craft and hobby range or learning skills encountered with puzzles and board games – all the products have been carefully researched and developed with these values in mind.
Since the company’s inception in 2007, a diverse portfolio of state-of-the-Art toys has witnessed strong consumer interest. So much so, that the company has earned 15 toy awards in this short span. The range is well retailed through specialty toys stores, websites and large format retail chains.
The design and development team continues to churn out new toys which provide exciting opportunities for kid’s learning. The toys inspire children to play, experiment, discover and exploit their intellect. The packaging is eye-catching and appeals to the child’s imagination and reflects the progressive and modern outlook of the company.


Our Sand Jigsaw Rangoli was so easy that even my 4.5 year old after I explained how to put it together, could do it in his 2nd try. Aarya’s only qualm was there was no blue color in the kit and I went and bought just the blue color from outside just to make him happy 🙂 As you will see, the sand art is generally is a messy activity; and protecting your surface adequately will help containing the mess. I kept sheets of newspaper below the jigsaw and when we were done, we just threw the newspaper away! For the Glass Painted Candle Goblets, the tiny glasses are breakable but Aarya was so careful, it was heartening to see!

I will let the pictures do the talking





As you can see, it is what Aarya did, he did notreally follow any design pattern, he just did what he wanted and I think it is perfectly alright to let him do that.




For the Goblets we did this EASY pour painting. Even though, I was worried he will inevitably break one of these, he did not. He was very careful and his designs came out real nice as well. I think it is fantastic for a four year old.


This set also included the wax; I skipped it because Aarya would want to do it and I was not sure I wanted him to.


ToyKraft Glass Painting Candle Goblets

These are just 2 of the many number of excellent products they have! The ones that we are eyeing and will definitely be getting for *those* days are (All below images take you to site for easy purchase)- Link
Buy it @


This is for the future definitely!


So if you have got bored kids at home and a creativity-block (like me) or just are busy, I assure these kits are a sanity-savers! Stay tuned for a lovely surprise in my coming post!

Disclosure – I was provided these kits for review, but the thoughts expressed here are completely Aarya’s (son) and mine. Some of the links are affliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog by clicking them to buy the products. 
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  1. Veens, the sand jigsaw picture and the goblets are beautiful. The blue adds a lot to the jigsaw picture. Aarya is a wonderful artist! These kits look super fun. Thanks for sharing your terrific photos!

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